Gare-Borana puthy

It’s any other slow, sweltering hot Mandera day and I am leaning on the counter preocupied with trying to figure out ass profiles of buibui clad lasses passing by outside. In come this buibui clad lass, apparently in distress from the way her eyes are darting every which way(mmh I’m already drooling, who doesn’t love themselves some damsel in distress). I say “Akam” (gare equivalent of Hi!) She blurts out “Dansa Faya” obviously alarmed I might be Gare before she notices my kinked hair and she relaxes a bit. I ask how I may assist her to which she answers she has been directed here regarding a small problem. I guide her into my office and lock the door, (Let’s revert to past tense naration shall we.)
I assured the somali lady before me that client privacy would be highly upheld(and yet here I am, hekayas have to be told), she settled into her seat more easily, then I asked what problem she was referring to, and if she may tell me her name, I heard Ajasa. Let’s call her Ajasa, Ajasa told me her “problem” and men was it huge, considering we were in a Muslim county where untoward/‘haram’ stuff and happenstance is scolded upon. Phew, I told Ajasa that enyewe that was “hard small” . She begged me saying she was willing to do anything to get assistince.
I now saw things from her perspective and knew that if I didn’t intervene things would turn nasty for her and she might end up being a pariah, I named my price to which she agreed, we set a date.
We were done with our small issue and Ajasa returned to thank me, she had a present for me, I asked her what it was, she asked me to close the door, nikafunga chap chap! She stood turned arround… and asked me to help her unclasp her gold necklace, it was my gift, I went behind her as she lifted her nijab to reveal her supple skin unkissed by the scorching sun, damn! I was tempeted to take the gift but as I struggled with the clasp my groin unexpectedly rubbed against her behind and I was arroused beyond belief, I couldn’t contain my self, my breath was heavy on her neck and my hands suddenly found new activity, caressing her behind to which they met no opposition. Men, you wouldn’t believe, underneath that veil of heavy fabric was the the most exquisite humongous ass, damn!
I went to the windows and drew the curtains, this wasn’t going to be no ordinary day in Mandera…

Wasomali na Waborana wana mtaro kubwa, period. Courtesy of FGM

Are you even aware how the mutilation is done?

@Dune, ulimtibu kisonono halafu ukamkamua tena?

maliza hekaya au nikuite jinga brarry!

Siwezi fafanua lakini sio ivo mzae hahaha

alafu ukaamka ukapata ni ndoto

Hii shida yote ya series ililetwa na VC. Ashindwe na hawa copy cat jinga types.

Maliza hekaya brare fwakin!

Maliza gasia

Mcoondu ju kika mtu ameandika amekula arabs sasa wewe mwafrika kichwa ngumu nywele ngumu umeona pia uandike ???

yall fuckers i dont feel nothing no more

so yall quit doing these fucking our women thing and find sunthin beytter …mofos

The gurreh speak a dialect of the oromo language, other Somalis usually claims that they are not Somalis.

Ulisaidia yeye kutoa mimba?

Huyo ali flush

What was her problem?


Ni weusi mostly nyewele tu ndo nyororo


Kusema kweli I am lazy I dont even intend on doing series ati na parts, kwanza nikifika part ya kusafisha rungu naskia kuchoka kutype

Wrong, the reverse is true

Maliza hekaya bana

Go on bro. Are you still in Mandera if I may ask?