Gani Kali

  1. the French - Lupin


  1. the Spanish, La Casa De papel/ Money Heist


  1. The Americans, Leverage


  1. the British, Hustle


All the above series revolve around stealing/Con people
which one do you prefer?

The germans_ dark

is Dark about stealing?
all the above series revolve around stealing/coning people

Hustle hadi mwisho. Oya buda siunipe link ya kuidownload nirudie tafasari

umeona Leverage.
ni American version ya Hustle

link napata ziko broken na ziko na pop up adverts mob.
wacha tuone kaa wengine watapata poa

resident alien looks promising…

Lupin ni fine sana.

nimeona episode moja tu, but ilinibamba.
hope itaendelea for many more seasons

Was bummed when Leverage ended. Good to know Hustle is similar, will start watching it ASAP!

Are you serious? Hustle is the best

would be a difficult choice to make between Hutle and Leverage.

I liked leverage as well, but Hustle was on its own level

Arsène Lupin