Gangs empty prisons in Haiti

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Ita a civil war there. And that is where our mboys are going. Nice.


No worry, tumefika to sort the situation.

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Hawa karao wamezoea kuharass na kuchukua mia kwa local bars. Wacha waende wapatane na real warlords. This is going to be Ruto’s government biggest failure.


These are side shows from that pseudo gangster Ber-B-Que, he knows what awaits him.

I always ask myself what drives people to become violent and destructive. In no world naweza tu chukua gun and go kill someone. Sina hio idea let alone the strength.

You will give me 10 Million dollars and ask me to choose between the life of my worst enemy and I will look you straight in the face and still tell you NO.

So hii Merciless killings is a language that I will never understand. And I want no part of it.



It’s easy to virtue-signal like this when you grew up in a fairly stable and nurturing environment. These ones in Haiti started seeing gang wars and beheaded bodies in ditches at age 5. The people they looked up to were local drug lords and their footsoldiers. So their perception of the world and people living in it is very different from yours.


I noticed that people who come from war-torn regions are very cold and antisocial. They don’t easily trust you and are mostly unapproachable. Violence can fuck up the human mind

Veru high IQ detected

There is always room for correction. Si this place was attacked in 2010 by a massive earthquake that claimed alot of lives. Hadi the whole world united together with singers from around the world. I guess Nature sensed the wretched race therein. Wish It would have completed its cause.

Now they quickly forget the position they were in , Begging , Pleading for Aid. and praying. Enyewe binadamu ni kumbavu tu.

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Elder you are saying when hardcore gang members see these cute fresh meat from mama africa they will surrender and opt to katia instead? Reconnecting with the source?

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