Gaming Pc specs

Nice kujua kuna squad ya C4D… Line yako ni animations ama visualizations?.. Unaonaje setup ya Vray na C4D?.. Ama Octane inaweza zaidi?

Nimeona wewe ni mtu ya product design na motion graphics

SSD are suited for OS installation and HDD drives for storage consider the cost of a 2TB SSD drive.

Arent there cheap ones right now?.. coz I always dread the failure of HDDs especially those dying with 2TB worth of your history and digital life

Napenda cinema 4d na blender sana ju ya support from the community ni bigi so seeing other people doing the same thing inapea msee motivation, alafu cinema 4d zile ma event hua wana host almost every month from top end 3d artists inaweza

i prefer Octane na Cinema 4d though sijakuachua machine inaeza handle Octane but the good thing na octane 90 percent ya 3d artists mm hufollow its their render plugin so kupata support ukiwa na issue ni much easier

thank God ssd sikuhizi ni cheap compared na two years ago