Gaming Pc specs

Are these specs any good or are there any compatibility issues?[ATTACH=full]336046[/ATTACH]

the pecs look good enough for gaming kama u are gaming at 1080p Res, 4K siko sure it will perform well but i suggest unaeza enda kwa xgamerstechnologies they are good at that na wataku guide through process zote ata compatibility issues

Those guys wako na prices wazimu, I bought a gaming pc with rtx 2070 super and i7 8th gen from techbuyz and i don’t regret it, only my power bill went up

Go for a B5xx series for Zen 3 and future CPUs.
For HDD drivers go for 7200rpm.
You can do a little better with a higher wattage PSU and Gold rating though you can always upgrade.

Xbox series s

Those niggas inflate prices best option ni amazon and build one yourself

give me more info… sijawai buy anything from Xgamers but hua naskia sifa kumbe bei wanacheza kama wao…nataka work station for 3d animation hio yako ulishika na mangapi

sikukua na idea about prices

I was there and it took me several failed builds to get the ideal specs needed. These are what I finally settled for;

  1. AMD Threadripper 3970X - has 32 cores. I use the full array at 3.2GHz for pre-rendering, particle and fluid simulations, and VFX or turn off 26 cores and overclock the remaing 6 cores to 4.7GHz for compositing, matchmoving and gaming.
  2. AMD Radeon Pro Wx 9100 - 16GB VRAM. This is for pre-rendering only. The HBM2 memory type is an advantage over similar architecture GDDR5 counterparts.
  3. GTX 1660 - 6GB VRAM. This is for real time rendering (viewport textures and other attributes), previewing render passes, and gaming also.
  4. 64GB DDR4 RAM because simulations and scene creation eats your memory so much that the 16GB you started with would be useless.
  5. 1TB SSD. The rest of the storage was a NAS.
  6. Whatever cheap motherboard I could get that supported the Threadripper’s sTR4 socket with 2 PCIe slots.
    Don’t forget, different softwares handle workloads differently. Do more research before you break the bank.

Shukran sana for the breakdown.
software yangu ni blender and cinema 4d sai though i am using cinema 4d native renderer na hainipei results nataka so nadai kutumia octane render.
i want to dive into houdini pia kiasi ju ya simulations i think machine ukonayo can handle such. sasa price how much did it set u back?

hii setup uli aquire locally ama ulicheza na amazon ju its just what i was looking for na breakdown yako is perfect

Bruh, 1650 super for $400+? Hiyo ni price point ya 2070 super ama kitu ka 5700xt

Do not understimate Houdini. It’s not an easy software to learn but it’s better than Phoenix FD which is what I was using with in Maya.

Tulitumia Technuggets. Hawako cheap lakini service iko fiti.
Machine ilicost roughly 350k.

Trust me i know how hard houdini is but lazima ni try ikishindikana ni sawa but nitakua nimejaribu,simulations from Houdini hukua on another level if u combine it sasa na 3d software u are using on the daily.
Maya sijai ipenda because i found the interface haiko intuitive for me, alafu i am not into character animation am more into product design na motion graphics thats why i went for cinema 4d na blender

wacha nicheki hio technugget nione kama naeza saidika

Call Justus - 0731402954. He is the one I was in touch with. Ask him to send you their previous builds.

used price vs performance or you can go chinese route aliexpress of ex server components xeon processors E series or dual xeons.

Ryzen 7 mdau…

I would dump all HDDs in favour of SSDs