Gaming Machine

I need a rig like this… naeza pata wapi na will it break my bank?


hiyo ni custom made… you wont find anything like that kwa market, best option tal to a mechanic a computer person

Nah, it won’t break your bank, the bank will break you…

Do you Know the difference between a GDDR3 and GDDR5, Can you argue on which is better for two hours?

If not Nunua tu PS4 and avoid the headache,

not asking for components… I need a complete setup…
Found one though…costs around 45K


Import from China inclusive of shipping cost inacome iyo bei
Inaitwa driving simulator. I had plans kuanzisha driving school for such
Kuna hadi flight simulators but ni expe
Namba ya supplier iko

Hii ndio unijaz but iyo bei, milion moja