Gamers, let's assemble here.

What’s your favourite or best game you’ve ever played. Mine is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Everything about this game is fantastic, you become immersed in the game. The theme song is very welcoming.
It’s all about Dohvakin also known as The Dragonborn.

Also the other songs are awesome too.

cod mordern warfare series

:D:D umenikumbusha meme where everyone fus ro dah’d everything

Most chill game is Ori (and Will of the Wisps && and the Blind Forest)
Most fun game game is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I’ve played this game about nine times.

My second-favourites for story and puzzles.


My current favourite game… Control

Most of the credit goes to MW2


Control Iko chonjo kabisa

One of the best game series I have ever played


I love hitman series. This one makes you think, sio kuingia mahali just blusting.

God Hand
Resident Evil
Devil May Cry

sasa hizi nikudownload ama? ni za console mnatumia?