Gamers in the house

For those of you nerds who spend most of your weekends fapping and gaming,what’s the best game that you’ve played?
For me it was the call of duty series especially black ops II and modern warfare so much that I always dreamt of joing the US special forces.

i dont fap or game all weekend
football manager 2015
mortal kombat shaolin monks
fifa 15

Nice…have you tried fifa 16? Tried it and I got my ass whooped but its really nice.

bado am yet to play but the fifa 16 interface inakaa worse kwangu kuliko 15 sijui mbona…gameplay iko aje?

The interface feels smoother but the game is tougher…the AI defending has improved so that when you are on the break and you lose the ball, your defenders automatically start falling back but I find defending harder than in Fifa 15

This year its PES 2016 na sio tafadhali… pes has evolved and changed i n everything including the commentators wameleta PETER DRURY and IMO ako sawa than Martin in FIFA

“Hitman Absolution” was my best game. ushawai cheza game hadi unaiota?
hadi there is a movie release this year called “Hitman Agent 47” a very dope ass action movie from the game. Next year there will also be another Hitman game series being released by IO interactve…


mortal kombat x the fatalities and x-rays are just out of this world… Ed boon as been told by the MK X coomunity to introduce Messi and Cristiano in the game… heheheh!!!


Fifa 15 …ilikuwa ngumu kufunga cross…
lazima nitasample io 16 next week

pes inakuanga better than fifa kwa graphics tu pekee

I like COD series due to the adrenaline rush… Kina crysis ziko sawa but i hate stealth attacks


Crysis 3


Walk through za watu youtube they use stealth lakini mimi huingia na chaos


na vile mimi huenjoy kucheza nikiwa stealth mode. ooh plus Far cry 3 na Dead space

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Far cry 4 iko better


Mkx fatality ya Cassie Cage ya selfie iko sick

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Far cry ni mambo biad!!!

Kwa crysis
For long ranges Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle DSG-1 ndio yangu
Close rannge combat Scarab Mod 2
Alafu sasa ile predator bow

PES is a no no for me since 2011. Absolution was excellent but iyo mambo ya stealth ilinibore sana. I prefer COD and battlefiled where you go all guns blazing.

battlefield 4 and hardline were awsome
call of duty ghost/anvanced warfare
tafuta CSGO for online gamers
the witcher 3…never finished it too many side stories oh yeah and also the boobies
the last of us (horror) also silent hill
nangoja stable torrent ya bioshock
asssassins creed 3


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