Even on JKL you could tell which side Moses Kuria is leaning on. He was sitting on a fence yes, but if you were previously on the side of JSKS and now you jump on the fence, it’s evident that you are not going back there.

It’s doesnt end there. In the recent poll JSKS has 49% support in Centro while Jakom has 20% . A whooping 21% are undecided

Undecided? Nay. Asha. Aaarî.
These are those who previously supported someone but now have second thoughts…

It’s still does not end there. Today confirmed that OKA is soon joining Azimio…


Tukisema #GAMEBADO mtuskize wadau. We know things…

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Kuria said it long ago , Raila and uhuru should retire PEACEFULLY before elections

Moses Kuria has one Vote.


Huyu kuria, is he really that important in Central Kenya politics? Can he win kiambu governorship against the current front-runner?

You should have seen WSR in Kirinyaga today, gleeful faces full of hope

Kyuks will gravitate towards him. Especially the ones on the fence. And he will build momentum towards the end, when things get heated.

There is nothing like undecided voters in a country of dry mouths.

Raila only needed 15% ya central but naona amepata 45%

And after they gravitate towards him? Will they vote for him for the presidency? Do you think a Kikuyu who refuses to vote for Raila after being told by Uhuru will do so after being told by Kuria? Where is Kiunjuri now?

As long as he scores more than 15% of the Kyuk vote, he will have staged a huge victory. That will force Ruto into a narrow margin of error in the rest of the country, in order to win.

You are are mixing issues. We are not talking about Ruto’s Kikuyu votes. We are talking about Moses Kuria’s effect if he chooses to join Raila.

Yes. The idea is to draw some of the votes to Raila. Raila without Kuria will get at most 5% of Kikuyu votes. Raila with Kuria will certainly get more. My claim is that 15% will be a huge win numerically. And if he can get Kyuks to sit at home, and vote for none, that’s another big win.

Tupee ruto hii kitu buana

Mkikuyu ni mtu mikora sana. Mkyuk akiingia kwa ballot box pekee … aone sura mbili hapo. Ya JSKS na Baba, akumbuke ile txt iliingia asubuhi ya kiambaa. Anaweka Rao tick, na kutoka na smile akiimba wheelbarrow … wakora ya hali ya juu. Wataonesha arror kivumbi roho safi. Tebu ngoja

What does BABA have that he didn’t have in 2017?

WSR has made crazy inroads… RAO is focussing on CENDRO and losing HUGE chunks of HIS bedrooms… and CENDRO will NEVER vote for RAO

mbwa ghasia takataka mbwakoko

Rao can only beat Ruto if it’s rigged

Nothing like undecided. These are shy voters. They know who they want but decide to keep it private

How will Kuria affect Kikuyus more than Uhuru?