Game Update: Dating Apps

So after a thread a few days ago by some average frustrated champ about not getting any closure on Bumble, I decided to go nuclear with them dating apps. So I installed Bumble, OkCupid & Tinder. Damn bwoy, bitches damn jacked up them pussy prices. It’s an uptown shopping mall. 3k for one night is a beggar’s offer. Someone is fucking the game. I will choose to blame them fwackin Nigerians.

Well I managed to get a string of leads. This is how I did it:

  1. Most important step, get matches. Withdraw 200k from your savings in cash and take photos with it in your bedroom. Set that as your favorite pic. Take your money back to the bank boy.
  2. Once you match with a bitch, go straight to the fucking point. Something like: “Hi Beautiful, wanna head to the strip clubbing with me tonight?”, “Damn what a fine ass, how about we go to a party together?”, you get the gist.
  3. Negotiate pricing like a boss. Treat them like job-seekers, deadlines when they should show up and shit. Let them know you have other hoes willing to show up in a queue.
  4. Ask for her number and close via phone call or WhatsApp.
  5. If a bitch doesn’t takes time to come to your crib or hotel next her and proceed with the next match. Make sure that your chats list has no more than 3 bitches. After fucking her, UNMATCH.
  6. Put a fake job title, state false facts on your profile, example: add two inches to your height, lie about traveling for work. The bitches themselves lie that much i.e. most don’t exactly look like their photos.
  7. Chubby means fat, fat means ugly with problems. Are the fatties unfuckable? NO. Adopt a Nyundo-Non-discriminatory policy.
  8. When negotiating prices always state your expectations (kinkyness, plays) and how you want her to show up dressed.

That’s it boys, no more than 3k a night. Always offer to take her out for a few drinks. When hoes are tipsy, how’s is wet, and you need no lube.

If the above is too much, do like me. Strictly strip joints only.

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Kwani ushafika summer bunny? Rusha tu dollars mkuu


Kitambo sana :green_emoji:

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All that effort to get transactional sex?


The online dating game is fucked, makes sense to just go straight to a brothel. But there professional accounts that do straight business.

The online dating game is fucked, makes sense to just go straight to a brothel. But there are professional accounts that do straight business.

Why risk your life by carrying liquid cash. Halafu upatane @johntez_addi_gaza_ms akupore. Ongea Tu na @cortedivoire akuonyeshe chuom za wan chweza.


I would feel very tired doing that just to fuck a hoe.

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Why should you pay 3k for a whore?
Si ulipie uyo malaya rent vile @MTINGIZA_KITANDA alifanya alafu you will be fucking her the way you want lakini uchunge usijipate ukiswim ndani ya cum ya @Lord_Wanaruona


If you start paying rent you will start getting attached to the bitch then get heartbroken when a whore starts whoring and come here wailing like @MTINGIZA_KITANDA


Hii yote ni ya nini honestly. ??? Siwezani

Usiwai lipa more than 150. Meffi wewe

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Hii 150 yako ata wewe unajua si practical :green_emoji:

Relax babaa, wacha wenye meno wakule