Game plan

This is my guess on the ultimate game plan RAT has up his sleeve.

  1. Ensure there is no election held in his stronghold
  2. Hoodwink RWNEBP brigade into thinking is a done deal hence there will be low voter turn out.
  3. Immediately after UHURUTO are declared winners, one on his diehard will move to court to have repeat election done in areas it was not conducted.
  4. RAT will campaign tooth and nail to ensure very high voter turn out
  5. UOTP brigade will pray the numbers will be better than Uhuruto team.

My two cents

You’ve just echoed Murkomen’s earlier statement

Kabla Vera Sidika atoe tint…

@Soprano comment-screenshot

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Hopeless theory.

Wewe ni @bure

Sande…I stand enlightened

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It obviously wasn’t your 2 cents. Thief. Next time just quote the source. It doesn’t lessen you.


this theory doesnt make sense then what happens to places like nairobi and mombasa where both parties enjoy a share of supporters, are we goin to vote twice if at all there will be a repaeat hii ni ufala tu kama ni kurudia strongholds pekee then RAT knows hizo kura hazitoshi mboga.lastly Rwnbp

Bure kabisa.

If those pockets of non-voters do not impact the outcome significantly, hata marudio ni bure. On 8/8, jubile covered Kenya in red East to West, North to South.

we all know that these alleged baba’s plans always dont turn out as thought, he is enigma and he ends up confusing people with plans nobody thought of.