game of thrones

Nangoja sana pale telekram. Ep ikitokea tuanekwa wrink hapo.

Atatombaje sistake??

Wow this is a games of thrones thread in Ktalk.This the quality of discussion you shits post.I understand shit handles like OP put the bar very low on the talking but don make it your comfort zone.Kuna mambo most kudiscuss.
LIKE THE ARYA AND THEON BATTLE KWA SHIP WTF! HTF! did theon link up with arya to fight for his kingdom?
That nigga who was ressurected was seen in the latest trailer and in the book caetlyn stark is lady broken heart whatever so s she also coming back…so much shit to think about.

Kwani what do I watch on telè jameni ? Ah, too much Fox News & F1 hata cjui episode any ya Game of Thrones

actually guys i confused its the story so far so its episode 0 not 1 na uyu msee anasema series niya watoto basi watoto wa kwao are clever that adults fools

John snow and grey worm they always making me wet . Our 3some would have dothraki mourns :D:D.can’t wait for season 7

For me it was khal drago , Savage.

Oh my gosh yaass I forgot about him

He was such a huge hot man . I wonder why they killed him so early he should have lived for atleast one more season

He is in some super hero movie imetoka juzi

haha na bado