@Deorro hata kama siko kenya blo haimean kuwa giza hii sector…especially with the trailers that aired

Hideo Kojima is on to some shit…please come to PC ain buying that piss4

[ATTACH=full]143890[/ATTACH] ohhhhhhhhhhh

So look like that switch is becoming a buyer now…fuck am gonna have a nintendo product since the wii came out never thought that i will come back but haven’t played two and three will have all three games bundled
and this was in the PSX show

[ATTACH=full]143891[/ATTACH] soon they gone make bloody roar i can feel it

fuck!!! how did I miss the livestream?Ngojea Games ziishe, niwatch halafu nirudi

Kojima is one twisted mofo… if phantom pain is anything to go by this will be epic

for real …fuck it has to come to PC …am not buying a ps4[ATTACH=full]143909[/ATTACH]nope