Kuna siku kitambo kiasi nilienda kwa cyber nikapata a woman in her late forties akiwa Sportpesa :D:D

Nimeskiza story mingi sana huko ocha how even old people gamble especially kwa hizi promotions za vernacular stations.

Vijana na wao ni kama wote tuu, especially sports.

I think extensive gambling is a sign of hopelessness among the people.

Mtu anagamble ni msee anaamini there is no other legitimate way of achieving his dreams so he might as well risk it in gambling.

The poorer a person is, the more likely he/she is to be a gambler…na mafisi kama Royal Media Services have taken full advantage of their desperation.

I dare you to listen to a vernacular radio station for an hour hutakosa kuskia some gambling scheme being promoted. They collect 100 bob from 100,000 peasants, and then distribute 1M to 20 peasants @50k each :D:D

Repeated Umeffi stories next rudia story za real estate, single Mathias na pilsner

Unakuanga na a very narrow thinking

Gambling is for fun, just like drinking Hennessey, kulipa kahaba 150/=, paying to see a match or movie, buying items for an orphanage, kumpa pastor wako 10% etc.

Kila nyani na starehe zake.

Jontez Addi Gaza Meffi

The only gamble i play ni kutuma fare…bet inaweza iva ama dem akule fare iungue.

Mtu wa forex ni kama unji console that there are worse degenerates than you na hamna tofauti

Beste yangu alikuwa na shop, ni mkikuyu, alikuwa anatuma soo hadi akaboeka :D:D

Speculation hukuwa na 3 components, but 99% of gamblers only see two sides.

1: Downside = 100 bob
2: Upside = 1 million bob (or whatever high figure)
3: Probability of getting the upside = 0.00001% :D:D:D

Most gamblers are idiots so they only see the monetary risk, and potential reward but fail to see the third dimension (probability of success). So utaona bonobo aki-rationalize vile anawekelea just 100 to potentially win 1M.

Kumbaff nani alikwambia I trade forex?? This is typical verbal diarrhea kuongea vitu hujui. I only trade crypto and my equity curve is all the proof I need to justify my business - I have a clear edge over other speculators and the equity curve proves it.

Tofauti ya trading na gambling is that in trading, YOU are the house if you have an edge. Its you versus other speculators. Gamblers wa sports, radio promotions etc play against the house, not against other speculators. You can’t win against a casino long term. That’s why bookies ban profitable gamblers (the few ones) but trading exchanges don’t because they don’t trade against clients - they earn from trading fees.

Trading = Player vs Player

Gambling = Player vs House

“I’m special” att lmaaaaaoooo What makes you think there are no gamblers with a positive EV ?

Kimenyi kua unaongea vitu unajua uwache kijiembarass .In betting, ,you are up against other bettors, and the work of the bookie is to manage his margin no matter the outcome .You don’t play against the house .

Again ,there are betting exchanges like betfair which allow you to become a bookie and have people bet against you .

Kimenyi this is once again a retarded statement because you dont know the difference between Asian and European bookies .The latter will limit you while the former dont have personal limits ,take huge volumes and in fact encourage winning players. Exchanges also dont care how good a bettor is .

Bonoboism at its finest. You clearly don’t know what a bookie does and my comment was clearly about bookies, not betting exchanges. If you place your bet with a bookie like Sportpesa, they take the opposite side of your bet and that’s why they set the odds. Those odds include an edge but I don’t expect a low IQ toad like you to understand.

There is a reason why bookies ban profitable gamblers…because they cost them money…kumbaff

On the other hand, an exchange doesn’t care who wins because it collects fees from everyone.