Gambling Culture Will Affect Kenya Deeply

Nowadays Kenyan youth have gotten hooked onto gambling. There are 194 online and (USSD)phone based active lottery games in Kenya as of yesterday 23/4/2019 according to BCLB statistics. This have prizes ranging from 500 bob to 200+ million. All radio stations in Kenya have one form or another where users register unknowingly by sending text messages with maybe one word BILL or whatever.

This companies need to be kept in check.

Unfortunately, our leaders cant see this, and for the few who see it, they are silenced by some handouts from the betting companies. Imagine an economy where more than 75% of the youths believe in sheer luck than hardwork? I mean this is the kind of nonsense former president Mwai Kibaki would not tolerate. He would call it ‘Mavi ya kuku’…Now the current leaders cannot ban it since they are beneficiaries of the same…Only Matiang’i is trying but im sure pia yeye ameshikwa balls vibaya sana na hao cartels wa betting………………

Wacha watu

Gambling shouldn’t have been allowed in Kenya. Open road to destruction with no end in sight.

Gambling imekuwa sasa scapegoat ya kila kitu nowadays! Mtu anatandika bibi makofi kwa nyumba, inasemekana ni bet iliungua akarukwa na akili. Mtu anajinyonga juu amepata ukimwi, inasemekana alikuwa ameekelea Man U kichwa 50K.

The latest ni EABL, watu wanaacha kukunywa pombe juu hawana kazi kwa hivyo wako msoto, inasemekana pesa inatumiwa kubet sikuhizi, si ya pombe. Upusss!!!

Acheni shareholders tunukishe onions in piece…alaaaaar

unfortunately the business owners have already tasted the steak,very hard to remove gambling in Kenya, they don’t care about the youths but their bottom lines,removing mobile betting will never happen, hata safaricom are reaping big, most mobile loans companies are enjoying the show.

Gambling has always been legal. Charity Sweepstakes was a gamble

Gambling is for fools!

Imefika pia kwa PS Hinga. Nimeona pia hizi manyumba za government wafanyikazi wanakatwa 1.5% levy zitapeanwa through lottery. Pesa yako itajenga nyumba lakini sio lazima uipate.

Worse betting companies only pay 7.5% tax on bets…one of the lowest rate in the world

Sports betting more specifically… favored with easy access to the internet.

Has always been there. Internet simply blew it to other levels. Ngong racecourse has always been a den of gamblers from colonial times.watu hawaendi kusikia mnyambo ya farasi but stake millions.

Gambling ilikuwa na wenyewe. But when it got promoted big time with the whole jackpot incentives it just became magnetic. Obviously before Sportspesa and the others anyone could bet on sports if they wanted online… Bet365, William Hill etc but even then depositing money to the account would have been challenging especially with foreign debit cards being rejected. That in itself was a deterrent. But now you’ve got Mpesa etc…‘quick deposit, quick withdrawal’… Blunder.

Couldn’t have put it any better

mimi nilibet time ya worldcup, niliwekelea seed money ya 1000 and as soon as I got 1000 more I withdrew to later bet on profits only. Ole wangu, I lost everything I had gained, luckily nilikuwa nishatoa pesa yangu huko.

I don’t understand why do you think that it is so bad, by me gambling is not that bad, well many people that can’t accept that they can lose, they are getting addicted, but if I lose I am okay with that, I will take my revenge later. If you will learn and [COLOR=“BLACK”]find more about gambling, how to play different games and get the logic, you will win. I make good money at the online casino I am playing, so I can’t say that I suffer.

I guess it’s bad because it creates dependency and breaks peoples’ lives. My father was a gambler and my mother divorced because of that

I had a story two years ago related to my son. At school, they somehow found out that he plays poker and slots and everyone joked on him constantly. He paid no attention, so I was calm. Once he came home and said that all those who teased him already bow before him. At first I didn’t understand what he was talking about, but then it turned out that Thomas won about $ 15,000 in the slot deposit pulsa and everyone began to suck up on him. So be careful.

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