Gambling Addict Cons Githunguri Granny Ksh 580,000 & Wastes It On Mozzart Live Bets In One Weekend

A veterinarian from Kiambu County has been charged with defrauding an elderly woman of Ksh580,000 meant for the purchase of cows, which he never intended to deliver.

He initially received Ksh300,000 on October 10, Ksh100,000 on October 14, and Ksh140,000 on October 15 while the rest was sent via mobile money.

Simon Mwangi, an activist who shared the elderly woman’s story reported that the suspect was part of a gang conning unsuspecting Kenyans of their hard-earned money.


“He accomplished this (defrauding the lady) by using enticing photos and videos of a well-known dairy farm in Githunguri, purportedly without the owner’s knowledge or consent,” Mwangi reported.


According to the activist’s account, the veterinary used social media platforms to promote the shell company he was running.


Through such antics, he was able to fool the elderly lady who wanted to purchase cows. The suspect claimed that he owned an extensive farm, where he reared healthy animals.

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This gambling is a real problem, even getting workers is difficult these days. Fools are out here gambling all their earnings leaving their families hanging. sad

The lure of winning those millions is too much for some people and so they easily get carried away in the delusion.

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Who makes the most money from .ke nyeuthi gambling ?

Is It GOK taxes ?

Is it .ke nyeuthi gamblers ?

Is it foreigners ?

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