Gamblers Paradise

So a very smart dude decided to take advantage of the gullible Kenyans and convinced them that by gambling you can now win an aeroplane and guys are seriously into it. Can we as talkers open a gambling firm and milk this cash cow while it lasts? It looks very lucrative and easy bait going by the craze of its addiction especially by peasants

Uko na idea but me niko na njia talk to me [/RIGHT]

I once had the idea of creating my own betting platform with close friends. I wanted to set aside a cash pool of 30,000 and told them to send me their bets screenshot before placing them along with the bet amount in cash. If they win I would offer them their winnings.if they loose I take the bet amount. Maximum win being 30,000 as this was their playing field. The idea was to eliminate mpesa charges hawakuitikia Ngombe wao.

@Duke of Busia @Nyarwath count me in.

Let’s get all interested guys on board then actualize it

Pia Mimi Niko ndaaaaaani ki Nick salat

Seems you have a rough estimate of the logistics, I think you could be of great help in steering this one

Nipe njia that’s all I want

Your friends are definitely smarter than you.

Hapa nani ameiva potochop?

What’s with the photo shop?

Hii ni goverment / Rotich wanataka PESA. Even in USA Gover hitumia lottery kupata PESA. Lotto/Lucky box/tatua3 Ni za gover

Niko ndani ndani

nipe kazi


I will be the consultant.:D:D

The idea was that they couldn’t trust you with their money.

Alshababchieth. Gambling ni haram