Gambler Kills Two

A Tanzanian gambler who killed two people after losing Sh30,000 was on Monday lynched in Nairobi.

John Barnabas Mchanga was stoned to death by an irate public after he stabbed the two people and killing them at City View Bar in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

Police said Mchanga, went to the manager’s office and found one Winfred Mbuvi, 40, and demanded for a free play but she denied him.

He used a Somali Sword to stab her several times, killing her.

A security guard, James Lutea, went to rescue her but was also fatally stabbed.

Another guard, Kevin Ogada, who was stabbed by the Tanzanian gambler is being treated in a hospital in serious condition.

The incident happened shortly after midnight.

Police officers from Starehe Police Station, including OCPD Alice Kimeli and head of criminal investigations Kiberenge Seroney, visited the scene early morning and interrogated staff.
@Ice_Cube leta mbisha

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Sadnes of life. As a gambler, you should know when to throw and when to hold.

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good riddance to crap

hiyo lazima ilikua salo yote 30k? let him eat his tomatoes

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RIP Hot as Lava.


…and when to walk away, and when to run.

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He demanded a free play of what? Bedminton?
Im not getting how he lost the 30k…

In gambling it’s either you win or lose.He lost.

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Yaani hao wote hakuna kukuyu

I wouldn’t want to imagine Magafuli’s reaction if such an act was committed in Tz by a Kenyan citizen


Makuvuri would officially declare Kenya a national disaster.


The question is, what was the play?

It’s said that he had recently won 100K, probably he was trying his luck.

You should see the anger on people when they lose on sportpesa! If it had an office ingekuwa burnt to ashes.


Must be zile slot machines that are quickly replacing pool tables in many neighborhood pubs.

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I wonder if they are licenced by BCLB. I worked in a casino once. I found it stupid watching grown ups seated in front of slot machines and playing those silly games hoping to win something. A few won sometimes but all the winnings were invested back in more tokens. Sad. Problem gambling is real

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some people dont want to go home to a nagging wife. Odds zake depends na programmer, backside left. Guza hiyo machine uone utakujiwa na watu wangapi.