Gambia @Meria type uhondo

Is it true the President elect has been assassinated.

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Kuna hio rumour but I haven’t seen it from a verified news source.

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The guy is very much alive and kicking


Let me call a friend in The Gambia nitawaambia ukweli


Ni uwongo. The guy is much alive .Both Yahya and Barrow are alive …

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Thanks Guys, seems the usual hoax creators had played a fast one on Barrow.

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after asking about Yahya and Barrow, …did you then ask your ‘friend’ when he’s coming to Kenya …to sex you wheelbarrow style in your butt burrow while you scream ‘Yeah Yeah!’?

Bingwa unasumbua .meffi wewe .Tumekuzoea leta matusi ingine.kubaff.

Are you hurt coz i just revealed your lay @Abba isnt loyal?

shemeji hii ni chocha:D:D lakini ni sawa tu.
***weka tu hata prefix ya Gambia utufunge macho.

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Shemeji what’s prefix in relation to this… nakuanga slow ma-times

same as country code.


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