Galaxy S8 will go for the desktop

According to a leaked image a few days ago, the Galaxy S8 might be powerful enough to have a standalone desktop mode of its own. Connect the phone to an external monitor, and you end up with an Android-based desktop:

If the feature sounds familiar, that’s because Windows already tried it with Windows 10. But Windows is not Android, so Microsoft’s Continuum never really took off.

Samsung is yet to confirm anything, so while we wait for an official announcement that would confirm such a hot feature for the Galaxy S8, Hungarian blog Androbit decided to create a better concept image to show what the Galaxy S8’s desktop user interface might look like:

We’re looking at a Windows-like environment made entirely of Samsung’s version of Android. The apps found on the Galaxy S8 will be able to take advantage of the bigger display, although this is just a concept. It’s unclear whether Samsung will also offer Windows-like multitasking.

What’s known so far is that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip that’s going inside the Galaxy S8 will be a lot more powerful than its predecessor. The chip is even able to run a full-fledged Windows 10 build and Win32 desktop apps, [I]SamMobile[/I] reminds us, which means it should be able to support a desktop-like Android experience. It’s up to Samsung to really go for it.


Damn if this actually does work,I feel it is double edged sword cause what will stop the same consumers of such high end devices going for a windows phone with already unified their software resources…and windows is already ahead in this field so the consumers jumping into this market isn’t more of a leap but less of a stroll.Oh wait android apps are easier to crack(compared to apple and microsoft- talking about their store apps) so that goes for it.These are those difficult decisions CEOs have to make join a market you are too late and struggling to make by(unifying software experience)or go another way that won’t put u in direct competition.

Bado niko S4


Same here atakama niko na S6 edge ma S4 n moto X been with me through thick and thin and still looking brand new…my personal satisfaction plus nimeziweka nuogat os sweet christmas na s6 haina hata hopes through OTA

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A quick question:
What Android version will it be?

I am tired of Microsoft OS

Nilikataa kuupgrade coz the new phones have internal batteries and I prefer external

Kama si Mediatek sisomi

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ndo ijumpstart your Mazda Carol?

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So that i can replace those low energy batteries with customised powerful batteries.

Hio ni point my moto x fails at this no external battery or mem card but it so good to hold on the hand by the size and computing power its acceptable sacrifice imekuwa my kabambe of sort


Heavily customized nuogat plus expect samsung bloatware kaa yote but how can you hate on Windows my tab is the only thing letting me down hata sijwakisha for months even during recent holz used my android tab (galaxy tab 2-yes that old geezer) more than surface cuz it stuck on 8.1 (arm device) but the unifying experience of xbox 1 n Pc iko on point cant say about mobile devices yet

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Very ugly things

Nani amekuuliza?

Cc @Chloe

There are already services that offer this like Remix Os or Phoenix Os that you can dual boot with windows.

I saw them posted here a while ago and tried them and they were awesome.

They are also small in downloadable size with Remix being 1GB and Phoenix 600 MBs.


Good, but you have a small penis.

Are you listening to Starboy Song or album??

most likely 7.1


Samsung s8 will be a killer if what has been leaked is true,
Such a phone is just super fine no home buton…


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