Galaxy note 5 Software update

Hey talkers. So I got the galaxy note5 which came with android version 6.0.1 which i find boring. I have tried to upgrade to Nougat but the ‘software updates’ button is not responsive. Anyone who has experienced this? How did/do you go about updating to Nougat? I’m currently stuck with the stock OS and it’s kinda boring. Please help

Is the phone Samsung or Sumsang? o_O

Another question…By any chance, are you from wakanda? cc: @SledgeHammer najua utakuja na hyo swali kwa hii thread senji

Was there an official communication on a software update?

Kama hujui nyamaza tafadhali. Don’t expose your ignorance here

Not yet but i think it should check the updates amd notify me if am running on the latest software ama kuna update

New villager unakuja na mioto aje shenji hii…

Maybe check online whether the specific model was to get an upgrade to Nougat.

Download and flash manually