Galana Kulalu Theft

James Nyoro was the brain behind the 7 billion Galana Kulalu Heist.

In August 2013, President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed him as his senior food security and climate change advisor, tasking him with the role of formulating necessary policies that would ensure an increase in food productivity in the country.

Nyoro was also tasked with the role of providing strategic direction to the government that would ensure Kenya attained its food security objectives.

The role also involved improving the livelihoods of a large number of Kenyans who earn a living from the agriculture sector.

James Nyoro was a tool of Parasitic Capitalists, Rockefeller Foundation, which seeks to reduce the population of black people, through mass sterilisation


The biggest white elephant in Kenyan history

since Ruto is a thief everybody must be a thief. Anyway Ruto is better since he is a thief who steals what he resolves and resolves what he steals.

A white elephant, is something too expensive to sustain, what is too expensive or difficult about growing maize???

We’ve spent billions on maize we are yet to see

The point is, it did not fail, it was made to fail by people who don’t want cheap maize in the country, they have interests in importing maize.

Kuna hii kitu inaitwa SGR…

Pia hiyo