Gaki, Metumi, na Kabete. Kikuyu Karinga explain why we no longer use these names. Why use Nyeri, Muranga, and Kiambu?

My question is simple. The three traditional regions of Kikuyuland, were Gaki, Metumi, and Kabete.

How come we adopted the names Nyeri, Muranga, and Kiambu?

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Colonialists did that not us…and as usual we have not been able to undo what they did just like the non-African first names that we all proudly go by now.


Kabete is not a kikuyu name, it came long after the settlers

Would you mind giving more details? I always thought kabete ( pronounced kafete) was the kikuyu name for the larger kiambu and not necessarily the present day kabete area.

Sasa si ungenyamaza tu kuliko story quarter

Wait what? I thought that was the name Kikuyus used to designate the larger Kiambu before the settler’s came?

My great grandfather used to tell us how young men from Kangema and kiriaini used to trekk to Ndeiya and other parts of Kiambu to get salt. The people with whom they interacted with were called andu a Kabete.

My great great grandfather (Ngobe pronounced Ngove) used to own the whole area that Kabete vetlabs sits on today. His land was called kianda kia ngove.

Swaaay…Your great grandfather was a rich man.

My great grandfather used to own the area occupied by magana flowers.

So have you heard of the partitions people from kabete/kikuyu/wangige/mwemuto have taken to NLC ?

Yes I have but I can’t follow because of
[li]Corruption[/li][li]Large family members some are following up.[/li][li]The owners might come for my head.[/li][/ol]

Hey, a true kikuyu won’t pronounce that as kafete. Its kabete!
Kafete is for Nairobi Kikuyus, Gafete is for Nyerians

Someone here once said ati Kikuyus from Nyeri aren’t true Kikuyus - DNA wise - because their ancestors extensively intermarried with Maasais. That Talker even attached some academic papers to highlight that point.

Can’t remember the context of that thread though.

It is very true one in two babyboomers will tell you their father or mother is a half cast

One in two of their babyboomers is a half cast

ALL Kikuyus aren’t pure, DNA-wise.

To pronounce it as kabete in kikuyu, it must have an m before b i.e. kambete. A b is pronounced as f in kikuyu. Eg baba is pronounced fafa, kibaki = kifaki, mabebeine=mafefeine, etc

It was me.
And it wasn’t Kikuyus from Nyeri, shida ya selective reading ni hii. Anyway, Kikuyu men+Maa Women gave birth to the current Kamba people. more on that later.
Murang’a Metumi digi maguru same thing
Gaki wa Tetu au Rware is Nyeri.
Kiambu - Kabete has a shameful past/history, I’m glad it was sanitized by time

Kamba are not halfcasts of Massai and Kikuyu they are a subtribe of the Kikuyu. The 10th daughter of Gikuyu and Mumbi who didn’t get a husband but she sired children with the husbands of her sisters.