The modern western style government comes from one state, the early Roman republic. Gaius Julius Caesar was the dictator of the roman republic for some time until his death. He presided over a feudal republic with a senate.
Caesar was eventually assassinated by members of the senate led by Marcus Junius Brutus, a young man Caesar had spared death several times and even promoted to power.

Pliny the Elder, the uncle of Pliny the Younger who documented the destruction of Pompeii by volcano, said that Caesar was supposedly named after Caesarean Section.

What made Caesar great? Like Hitler, the man had an ego the size of mount Kenya. That is if you know what “ego” is. He saw himself as a demigod.
Vercingetorix, a chieftain of the Gauls, surrendering to Julius Caesar(Lionel Royer):

Caesar was almost killed as young man by the reigning dictator since he was related to the aristocracy and was seen as a future threat. he was once kidnapped by pirates who wanted to be paid 20 talents for his life. He told them that they must ask for 50 talents for a man of his stature. he also told them he would crucify them after they released him. True to his word, he had them pursued, captured, had their throats cut as a sign of his benevolence, and then they were crucified.

Caesar was very successful in his campaigns. he defeated everyone in all his countless military campaigns. At one time, during his gladiator events, two captured armies of 2000 soldiers each 200 horses, and 20 elephants fought to the death before him and other onlookers. people rioted due to this extravagant display, but he had some rioters sacrificed by priests to quell the riots.

Caesar is known in modern times for his absolute power in his time.
Caesar was a general, an author, a politician etc
You owe the leap year to Julius Caesar.
Caesar popularized encryption used in computers today by using Caesar cipher.
When he was killed, wars broke out and they culminated in the demise of the Roman republic and the birth of the Early Roman Empire. Introduction of Christianity by Constantine later in the first century led to the formation of the Holy Roman Empire, officially declared by Charlmagne


hail ceaser!

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ceasar my man! the first dictatod of rome. a brilliant strategist, orator and warrior. Gaul had remained a rhorn in the flesh for rome for a long time defeating the great roman legions whose military strategies and formatuons are still used to date (remember the asterix comics?). Ceasar lead the legions to war against Gaul and won he had a way if motivatng his soldiers. and when he came back his famd had reached rome so he crossed the rubicon as a soldier


Give unto ceasar…

Its Caesar!!! not ceasar. mimi si grammar nazi lakini hiyo nitasema!



The Battle of Kana/Cannae, where Mzee Hannibal was defeated was beginning of Rome as an empire, 216 BC.

Nope. It began with Octavian(Augustus Caesar) a short time after the end of the republic.

Really! I thought it was with the defeat of Hannibal, that when Rome acquired it’s first colony.

the only thing i would wish ceaser to bring back are the gladiator fights/matches in those stadia

Gladiator vs Maasai Moran, who wins

The Early Roman empire began after Julius Caesar, with Octavian. Remember Gaius Julius Caesar was not an emperor, a mistake/assumption most people make.

Hey @Rene Descartes after Octavian came other emperors including Caligula, Nero, titus etc before Constantine the great come to reclaim the lost glory of Rome and partly accept Christianity, Earlier I think after the legend of Romulus and Romala the two twins one of fast emperors or ruler was Tiberius, then @0%_Omera Omera I think Hannibal the great lost in the battle of Zama against Scipio Mellinus Africanuss, after putting Rome under siege for 13years, correct me pahali wrong

Acha guesswork msee. Tiberius was emperor at the time of adulthood of Jesus of Nazareth. Early Roman empire goes like Augustus—>Tiberius----->Caligula---->claudius—>Nero etc. Constantine the great is a later emperor. Mythical Romulus and Remus are founders of Rome city state centuries before

@Rene Descartes talk about the Roman Empire as a whole, kwani you want to tell me during the fast Triumvirate of Scezar, Pompeii and Crusus, rome was no empire, how about Hannibals time and Cathage, how about Cornelius Sula time when he wanted to execute Caesar, come clean the Empire come long before Octavian and Caesar

There is the roman city state, the roman republic, the early roman empire, and the holy roman empire. The roman empire began in 27bc take or give. Kwani unapatanga info kutoka kwa movie? If you want to get the perspective, google Octavian/Augustus caesar. And look for credible sources.

Me I classify Rome as an Empire, not Roman city state na blabla and why do you just concentrate your perspective on Octavian(Augustus), I f I want the entire empire I check all the Emperors or the greatest of them who I can name for you a few as Scesar, Octavian, Marcus Aurelius’, Titus, Nero, and Constantine

Hio ni history umetengeneza wewe mwenyewe. Name one emperor before Augustus.??? Na useme akikuwa kutoka lini hadi lini. Kama mtu hajui anaelimika alafu anado research. Sio kuleta ego hapa. Stop mis-informing people

@Colombo-Combolo. All those emperors you have named come after Augustus. Wacha kuleta uongo hapa.