Gaidi Too Much

The children of woke feminazis have raised their daughters to be day drinkers like their bad fathers. In all my life, sikudhani nitaona female day drinkers na sio malaya. To them it looks normal


Today’s average kenyan woman imbibes alcohol your grandfather would take in 30 years in 3 weekends coupled with at least 70kg of p2 by the age of 28 years

Hawana cab fare?

Single mother loading…60%

Kwa wale wanapenda vifaranga, kujeni Nairobi West hapo Nairobi West Mall on Friday and Saturday evenings from 5 pm. Mtaanua vifanga swafi from Kenya Water Institute, Strathmore na Catholic University.

:D:DDrinking nation kweli

At this point i think I am an outlier. I took a sip of alcohol (meakins) once in form 3, a sip in college freshers bash (bluemoon) and a full glass of wine (Caprice) in 2018. When people talk about drinking i have no material at all to contribute. I turned 26 last month. On the other hand napenda seggs sana in excess so i think hapo ndio the weighing scale was tipped.