Gachietha Amesema..




Nani anajua shida zetu? Ni hasla ni hasla! :D:D:D


Hapo sawa riggy g

Hata kama tunateseka sisi wote (karibu wote) at least my conscience is clear that I did not vote for these ghasias.

Hawa majambazi wanatoka hapo 2042 earliest.

You might be a homosexual but youre much better than 95% of tugeges.

Nabii pia amewawuon wale watajaribu kupinga

Ukiona mkikubaliana hadharani Leo kametamba kutamba. Lakini najua Ile uvundo mmeacha kwa hiyo nyumba hakukaliki mtaa ni meffi tu wueh

:D:D:D:D this is so graphic bana

Hapo sawa Bwana D.O na H.E Dr. William Samoei Ruto, you were elected as the choice of the country.
Lead it as you see fit, we as Kenyans need to be proud of our choice and happily pay taxes.

And don’t anyone tell me about how millions didn’t vote for them. Where were they?
Hasla Tawala!

Doing what he does Best.

I didn’t vote…Mimi niko sawa…

Let’s be honest here …

The vast majority of Juveniles in here voted for these 2 Bottom Up Wheelbarrow Shareholder Conmen …

As we speak , their coalition of thieves , cartels and opportunists is in deep hot water and slowly imploding …

Bure Kabisa …

There is no end to the absurd drivel and stupidity that comes out of this fools mouth …


This is the result when you promote a DO above his intellectual capacity … :D:D:D

We have bright DO’s let not this one mislead you.
He was promoted by his dad M01 as a special projects officer to counter multi party pointsmen kina Matiba. The blood he has shed is confusing his mental faculties leading him say stupid things a child cannot utter in public

Yup. Those who didn’t vote and those who voted for Azimio won’t be affected by the finance bill

I’m self employed…I work remotely…Pesa yangu inaingia na bitcoin…Silipi tax…Finance bill is meffi in my eyes…

Crypto will be taxed if The Finance Bill is passed. They’ll take 3 percent of every crypto transaction. They just have to contact Binance and others.