Gachagua trending

Rumour has it that he will be impeached in 14 days.

Impeachment motion filed by his own Kagege MP."Gachagua%20Toothbrush"&vertical=trends&t=GvPwMESeTGNU6p3qzmvxrA&s=09


Diversion tactics tu

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Modern day ngaatis, tukunia being used to fight their own. Just like ohuru’s mp then was also used.


Very unfortunate.
This war has become deadly now…
Kuna mtu ataumia

War GIF by Fargo

Though I have a feeling it’s a ploy to scuttle the Gen Z refolushon

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Then it will only galvanize it

Wuod Ugenya predicted this a looong time ago.

@kipuke look, the moderator has now confirmed it too.

TINGA new DP going forward.

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It is Sonko spreading it. It is not a serious motion obviously, just generalities to divert public attention

Wakini, ni kii kiuru na andu aitu?

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Nita kurogùo

Huyu ndie alirushia his late wife kwa lake ndio akaoe new catch wa muranga? And Gachagua led his dowry delegation only last year? Gachagua also gave him kk ticket to run as mp, he was previously an MCA? Asante ya punda ni mateke

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Fanya Ile shughuli dm msito.

But this time it will be different. Luos will not be agreeing wholesale with this decision. This will be the official dethronement of the man from luo politics. Thank God his end has arrived.

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These are all typical Kenya Kwisha diversionary tactics to deflect attention from the Demands of the Generation Z Movement and Opposition Parties.

Like all other desperate schemes of the Ruto Kenya Kwisha Establishment …
It will not work …!! :rage: :hotsprings:

#Ruto Must Go
#The Gereration Z Revolution will Continue.

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We must all resist the temptation to feed on Ruto and Kenya Kwisha lies and cheap propaganda.

The focus should be on the Generation Z Movement demands and those of the Official Opposition that are now i the Public Domain.

All that other nonsense must not be given any audience or oxygen:rage: :hotsprings:

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Sasa watu wakieka watu wakununuliwa na shilingi. No spine. No backbone. Na vile wanachukia raia. Those bastards are mean pieces of work.

Betty Maina amerishiwa hii.

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Ameisha uuuuuui ameishaaaaa marigo imemuishaaaaa

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Its funny but hizi rituals hufanya kazi case study ni Nakuru after 2007 people that had committed murder walidedi vingori

Wewe hii ni mara ya pili ukijisifu prediction zenye ni upepo

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