Gachagua reshuffles his security for leaking his secrets- Head of Security redeployed to a man a roadblock


Call yourself a politician and you can’t even control public information about yourself.

Politics is full of kids in old men’s suites these days.


Has your mommy reshuffled you for refusing to leave her house?


Riggy G should take it easy. Let him remain the victim :laughing:

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Riggy G is as thick as they come.
He should stop being tribal and creating tribal tensions since he is supposed to be a national leader.
He should be impeached asap


Jambass akishakufinya makeii hakuna kitu unaezado

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Respect Gachakua The 6th. So you expect him to keep quiet when he is being undermined? It’s very good that he has fired a warning shot and told them that yeye sio mtu wa kuchezewa hivi hivi. Rikky G is a bright man, you take the bull by the horns. The ones fighting him are the ones bringing tribal tensions. The 47% mlima gave asora must be respected. If you want to impeach rikki G you must also impeach assora.

Also Rikki G must be free to choose his security team, sio kuletewa spies to monitor him.

We are behind RG The 6th 100%.

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Where is the ugenya dude to give insights from ugenya? :green_emoji:


Jamaa is in a very tight corner … :rofl: :joy:

RG The 6th ako sawa. We are 100% behind him. Kucheza na RG ni kucheza na sisi hapa mlima. The trust mlima gave assora, even without a written MOU, must be respected, must not be betrayed.

We will have a new DP before Jan next year.

His name is TINGA!


The man shot himself on the foot, the moment he started his shareholders shenanigans. That’s the time he isolated himself as a national leader to a tribal/regional leader.


[quote=“Kimendero, post:6, topic:487702”]
…Jambass akishakufinya makeii hakuna kitu unaezado
[/quopeople overate Lootall

Mt Kenya gave the KK govt 47% of the votes and therefore are the biggest shareholders and must be respected and should enjoy 47% of the benefits. FYI in 2013 and 2017 hasora demanded 50% of govt from Uhuru. Those who took part in the hunt of the swara must be given their fair share of the hunt.

there were lot’s of cries in Mt. Kenya leading to the 2022, urging these guy to form their own party and negotiate how they will divide Gov’t, same way Ruto did with Uhuru, but they never listened.
personally i have an issue with these KK guy, hopefully i will enventual see Gachagua as my leader,

Lakini hapo kwa “redeployed to man a roadblock” is definitely a little bit exaggerated. If he was head of security … then his seniority level within the ranks cannot possibly allow him to be manning a roadblock. Talk of town wanapenda kutubeba ufala sana.

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