Gachagua on money issues

Wisdom from the Deputy Thief in Chief …
And it is your money that he is talking about here … :D:D


I just like it when this goat opens his mouth! :D:D:D

He should continue with the retard remarks.

Makes our work easy as the electrotate.

Unajua, the LAZY Kenyans who don’t know anything about MBECA but Serikali itusadie…would not know what DPORK to be is talking about. This lazy lot are the ones who think PESA YA SERIKALI NI YETU. The ones that Kibaki used to indirectly insult by telling them SISI HATUZEZI NA KAZI SISI TUNAFANYA KAAZI, and they wouldn’t get a clue that he’s telling me that while you are seating you lazy bam down expecting handouts, We are working. This is the Lot that call every successful hustler a Thief.

Trying to talk sense into a fool is very tedious. Read up on your successful hustler DP you idiot, then come and say something sensible.

Dr. Willy Ruto is headed for greatness. Blessings abound.
August 2022, Liberty is proclaimed for kenyans. The discourse of tribalism is killed not because tribes are bad, but because this is the representative nation for this continent. Africa’s first nation.

OMG. You are trying very hard to start an intelligent conversion. You always do. But sorry you not cut for intelligent dialogue. What’s education level…just curious? Lol. Yu need help… Don’t ask reach people about the source of their money, you poor Mofo. It’s on need to know basis.

Just one thing, “reach people”, who are these you poor fool?

Do not ever try to quote me again, mtoto WA Malaya.

Clearly, he has you fooled …

But his track record since his Youth for Kanu days in 1992 until now speaks volumes about him …

  • a Thief
  • a Schemer
  • a peddler of Impunity
  • a megalomaniac
  • Unprincipled
  • a killer

And it is all catching up with him and his cronies…
Kenya is better off without him …

Are you jobless. We can hook you up. But you have to stop ogling on pesa na mali ya watu. Don’t you get tied of being poor and all you have to do is work hard.? Then you don’t have to worry how Ruto and GAchagua made their money. Dude, hiyo ni tabiya mbaya sana.