Gachagua Now Openly Dares Sakaja....

[SIZE=7]Ignore Sakaja and stay put, DP Gachagua tells matatu, club owners[/SIZE]
Monday, January 09, 2023
By Irene Mugo
Nation Media Group

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has asked matatu operators and other businesspeople to remain put and continue with their businesses assuring them of government protection.

This comes after a war of words raged on between leaders after the DP cautioned Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja against removing public service vehicles from the CBD in a move to decongest the city.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua

DP Gachagua was speaking in Nyeri when he advised the governor not to rush in making decisions that will hurt people from the Mt Kenya region insisting that helped in making him county boss.

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Speaking during an interview with Inooro Television on Sunday, the DP said removing Matatus from the CBD is locking out a lot of people and businesses noting that people making noise on the congestion of Nairobi do not set foot in town but rather live in the outskirts of the city in Runda and Karen.
“Those who come to town are not complaining of congestion because that is where they source their daily bread… furthermore, when those planning to evict Matatus from the CBD will bring trains. We shall accept that they remove Matatus but for now there are no trains or buses,” he added.
The DP noted that the Matatu industry supported hundreds of other small and medium enterprises that it will be difficult for those people to cover long distances with their luggage.
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“I do not have any problems with anyone… but anyone who feels that there should be a change or shift in status quo, they should first consider how it shall change the lives of Kenyans and have a dialogue about it before making any decisions,” he said.
In addition, on closure of clubs within residential areas in Nairobi, the DP noted that it would be inconsiderate to allow noise pollution, however, owners of such premises should be allowed time to fit their business with soundproof walls to minimize noise and allow co-existence.

“You are the same people who have issued these businessmen and women with licenses to operate clubs within the residential areas. You cannot wake up one day and decide to close their business, yet they have invested their money there, rather invite them for a dialogue with an ultimatum,” he said.
He further noted that businesspeople need to be treated with decorum and with the dignity that they deserve.
“I want to tell people this, keep on with your business. The government under the stewardship of President Willim Ruto has you covered and protected. Our government will not allow you to be anyone, regardless of who they call themselves to ruin your businesses,” he said.
DP Gachagua also told off critics who accused him of being a tribal leader whose only focus is presenting the interests of the Kikuyu community, noting that those calling him tribal are “disrespectful.”
“We are not tribal, and I am definitely not tribal… When Governor Johnson Sakaja was being elected, there was Margaret Wanjiru whom I asked to shelf her ambitions for the young man. Was that tribal? There was Igathe whom I rally people against, was I tribal?” he asked, adding that there was a group of people who had mooted to discredit him on tribal lines.
“Whenever anyone from the Kikuyu community speaks or they gather somewhere, they are accused of tribalism, but they turn the other way when members from another community do the same,” he said.
He vowed to speak on behalf of the Kikuyu community whenever the need arises, noting that he will not be cowed to silence.

“I have spoken and as a leader, I do not have to repeat myself, people should carry on with their business in every part of the country and this is not just for the Kikuyu community. Our government is pro-business people- to protect and grow these businesses,” he added.
He encouraged elected leaders to tread carefully and not upset the same people who put them in positions of power.
“We will not engage in double-speak that on one hand we are promising Kenyans we are in support of their hustle and on the other hand we introduce barriers to their business. I want to urge all business people to carry on with their businesses assured of government’s protection,” he said.
DP Gachagua also noted that there was no supremacy battle between him and the Prime cabinet secretary Musalia Mudavadi.
“This is plainly about Matatus. Musalia is my friend. He is a good man. Let us not involve communities in this. It is all about Matatus and there is no politics here. It is all about business,” he noted.

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Ku kaa ngumu

He is encouraging lawlessness.What is the plight of.mwananchi who is affected by the noise from the nightclubs…nani atatetea hao

Sakaja alisema tu nightclubs wapunguze volume…Very reasonable by all standards.

Whats the fun in sitting in a club and you can’t converse without shouting yourself hoarse?

[SIZE=7]Sonko Changes Political Tune, Supports Sakaja…Tells You Where Ruto Stands…[/SIZE]
[li]By CAROLINE GATHAKU on 10 January 2023 - 3:44 pm[/li]
A collage of Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja (left) and former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko (right)
Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko changed his political tune and supported the current governor Johnson Sakaja after opposing him since his election.

Speaking on Tuesday, January 10, Sonko called on all Nairobi residents to support the current city boss.

He stated that his current support had come to be after observing that Sakaja had also changed for the best.

“Since he has shown wisdom and some sign of respect by apologizing to the Deputy President let’s now support him to work for Nairobians,” he declared.[ATTACH=full]490113[/ATTACH]
Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja at his office and Sakaja and former county boss, Mike Sonko, at a past function

The former governor was responding to nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba who assured Kenyans that Sakaja’s impeachment was looming.

Speaking during an interview on TV47, Orwoba warned the governor reminding him that he was elected on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket.

"So, however way he looks at it, unless he wants to come out clean and tell us he used UDA to get into office and after that, he really does not care, he must cede ground,” Orwoba noted.

Sonko’s change of heart came after Sakaja’s appearance in an interview on Inooro TV where he reiterated his respect for the Deputy President referring to him as his elder and a senior within the Kenya Kwanza ranks.

“I respect the DP, he is older than me even politics-wise. Maybe they are instances in which we disagreed but the best way was sitting down with him rather than publicizing our disagreements," Sakaja stated in the interview.

In what has become a pattern of Gachagua speaks today and Sakaja speaks tomorrow, both denying that in doing so they are not fighting, it has now become obvious to pundits that the two have serious and irreconcilable differences about political and mandate lanes.

Mr Sakaja hit out that "do not segregate yourselves…this is not about tribes being targeted for even if it were the case, the composition of my cabinet rules you out of order. The executive of transport in my cabinet is Patrick Mbogo while the chief officer is Mr Patrick Nyamú. Does it mean that these two are out there fighting their people in the transport sector? he posed.

Sakaja on Wednesday declared he respects Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua as a senior leader in the ruling coalition but maintained there are things they won’t agree.

He said Nairobi is a special county that cannot be governed from the lenses of tribe, revealing that to survive so far, it has taken him consulting both ODM leader Raila Odinga and President William Ruto.

“There is something called Nairobi reality, which is about its cosmopolitan nature and the political party diversity therein,” he told Inooro TV.

He said Mr Odinga, and President Ruto were instrumental in consensus to award the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party three executive slots in his cabinet.

He also revealed that the same cross-party consultations were used to dish out other positions including house committee leadership, insisting that Nairobi is for all and is an international interest.

Mr Gachagua has been passionate about insisting that “those who delivered this government must eat first and leave the leftovers to those others”.

Mr Sakaja said to have a working Nairobi government he must reach out to all, negotiate, enter into concessions and pursue unity of purpose that will ease service delivery.

“I respect Mr Gachagua as holding senior position in our party…let me not speak too much about this issue…but there are areas we are not agreeing,” Mr Sakaja said.

He added: “there are things that we are supposed to do away from public glare…and I am concerned that these politics of today are introducing me to tribal dimensions, while all along I have never even imagined profiling tribes”.

On Sunday, Mr Gachagua speaking on the same TV station accused Mr Sakaja of targeting bar and matatu owners from Mt Kenya with policies that he branded anti-business for his community.

Previously, the ex-governor had threatened to mobilize the collection of signatures to send home Sakaja if he continued to harass city business people.

He accused Sakaja of disrespecting the Nairobi people who put him in power.

Noise…what noise?
Kwani Sakaja akiwapea Licences si there was inspection.
Mtu alipe all that cash investing in a club halafu mlete Mehemehe eti ‘Noise?’


Nyukwa wako ndio jingeerrr…na usiniletee kumamayoo imeganda mkundu kasoro mkia…usiniletee low IQ…brarefakin…marehemu wa akili weuwe

Wakikuyu hatutaki ujinga wa Sakaja

Sacarjah should consult @Jehovah Wanyonyi before meeting him forcefully

Is Gachagua Dp of Kenya or Kikuyu Dp?

[SIZE=7]Ken Wa Maria Among 50 Arrested in Night Clubs Raid in Nairobi[/SIZE]
[li]By BRIAN KIMANI on 15 January 2023[/li][/ul]

Ken wa Maria singing at a local club in Nairobi on June 13, 2021, and a police car during a past raid.

Popular musician Ken wa Maria was among revelers who were arrested by police officers who conducted raids on nightclubs in residential areas in Nairobi’s Eastlands area on Saturday night, January 14.

Reports indicated that the raid targeted joints located in Donholm, Pipeline, Fedha and North Airport road. At least 50 people were arrested in the operation.

The officers targeted bars without licenses and those that operated beyond the time indicated in their licenses.[ATTACH=full]490959[/ATTACH]
Revelers at a nightclub in Nairobi and a Police officer on patrol.

Speaking to the press, Rhoda Otieno, director of Liquor Licensing, confirmed that the operation took place, noting that those arrested would be arraigned in court on Monday, January 16.

“We have arrested quite a number of people who will be arraigned in court on Monday to face various charges according to the offenses they have been arrested for. I urge bar owners to operate within the law,” she stated.

Otieno pointed out that the operation aimed at enforcing Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja’s directive that barred entertainment joints based in residential areas from playing loud music past 10:00 pm.

“It is about peaceful nights. We are going to enforce the directive,” she noted.

Speculations were rife about Ken wa Maria’s arrest, with a section of online users pointing out that the musician’s performance at a local club in Embakasi was disrupted by police officers.

Sakaja, in November 2022, gave out a directive for all bars and entertainment joints operating in residential areas to operate within the stipulated guidelines.

“Bars and restaurants in residential areas must operate within the specified time and control noise emanating from their premises…All liquor-selling premises in the county should provide sufficient parking for clientele,” Sakaja directed.

[SIZE=7]Wamuchomba: I Reported Sakaja to Gachagua[/SIZE]
[li]By CAROLINE GATHAKU on 16 January 2023 - 3:50 pm[/li]
Githunguri MP Gathoni Wamuchomba and Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja
Githunguri constituency Member of Parliament Gathoni Wamuchomba revealed that she was behind the row between Nairobi county Governor Johnson Sakaja and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Speaking during an interview with Inooro TV, Wamuchomba stated that she reported Sakaja to the DP after he failed to listen to her.

Opposing Sakaja’s directive on locking matatus out of the Central Business District, the lawmaker explained how she was forced to face the Nairobi county boss on behalf of her people.

“I visited Sakaja in his office and we shared a cup of tea. I told him that I was not okay with him locking our matatus away from CBD.
Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja

He should stop lying. He told me to give him two weeks and even informed his people who are in charge of matatu stages that I had a court order to have the matatus back,” she noted.

The MP stated how she was left with no other choice but to report the matter to Gachagua.
“After I left the office even the few matatus that had been left on stage were ordered to leave.
That’s when I went to DP Gachagua because I saw that Sakaja was not giving me an ear. You have seen how they have been attacking each other,” she uttered.

Wamuchomba added that she would no longer see eye to an eye with Sakaja as he was making decisions without thinking about the impact on the people.

She noted that she was ready to fight for her people in every way as Nairobi is a city for every Kenyan to carry out business.
“We will fight. If he has decided to remove Githunguri matatus from CBD he should not replace them with others. Are we this foolish? Nairobi is a capital city for everyone it does not belong to him,” she noted.

Rigathi Gachagua and Githunguri MP Gathoni Wamuchomba during the campaigns

Following Sakaja’s directive, Gachagua made it clear that he could not allow him to carry out his plan.
“We need to respect all businesses, and I want to tell all business people to continue working, the William Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua government will not allow anyone to destroy any business,” he announced.