Gachagua NOW Extends Olive Branch To Uhuru. Reshuffle Imemufungua Macho

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has revealed that he will be reaching out to retired President Uhuru Kenyatta to bury the hatchet for the sake of Mt Kenya unity.

Gachagua is seen as the region’s political kingpin given his seniority in government, but a vicious political war is roiling Mt Kenya over who is Uhuru’s de facto successor.

The DP, who has previously launched attacks on Uhuru, said he has resolved to work out a plan to unite the community and heal the 2022 elections wounds.


"Kenyatta was fronting Raila Odinga for the presidency and he lost. We have now decided to embrace him as our respectable son and statesman despite everything,” Gachagua said in an interview with Inooro Radio on Friday.

“As Mt Kenya leaders, we have agreed not to be fighting him and I’m planning to hold talks with him. I have ordered everyone to respect him and he is also doing good to keep his peace.”

However, despite indications of turf wars for the region’s political baton, Gachagua said on Friday the mountain is stable, peaceful and united as before.

“It is the media that is trying to portray a rift between the leaders of the mountain. I will lead from the front in ensuring that the leadership of the mountain continues holding together and will bring on board every leader from the region,” he said.

The DP had after the polls accused Uhuru of imposing Raila on the region yet he had made an agreement to back Ruto.

He accused the retired President of persecuting him and using the criminal justice system to frustrate him when he decided to support Ruto.

At some point, Gachagua blamed Uhuru of sending security officers to humiliate and arrest him from his Mathira home ahead of the 2022 polls.

On Friday, Gachagua said he has directed leaders from the Mt Kenya region to respect Uhuru and his family saying that would be the way going forward.

During the campaigns, President Ruto’s allies from the region hurled abuses at the former First Family including attacks directed at Mama Ngina.


Sasa ndio ameona ile 3D chess inachzwa.


Mzito @Uhunyeh will never meet with any Tūgegees representative.

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In politics no permanent enemies :blush:over to you uhunye


Too little too late. The train already left the station. The night of the long knives is here


Mlishapigia jambazi kura like the morons you are sasa kuleni ujeuri yenyu tugeges. I remember ocha its like I was the only vocal person supporting RAO banae. I even tried to convince tugeges that RAO is old so hawezi pitisha two terms if he is lucky. That was like an insurance policy juu either way miaka ingemtoa hapo. Lakini tugege ni mafala tuu so they voted in a known thug mwenye atakwamilia hapo 20 years minimum. Jamaa amebakisha mileage mingi sana hapo so prepare for a Kagame/Museveni type regime. The masses lack foresight and critical thinking. Msee kama mimi sikuvote RAO ati juu he was any better than Ruto. I voted for him because we had an insurance policy (his advanced age).

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Meanwhile Kimani Ichung’wah’s silence is loud. Northlands peasant invasion will eat them alive. Toj. Who was shouting us down?