Gachagua & Newton Kulundu Are Similar. The Day Kulundu Deep Fried US Ambassador

There was a time Newton Kulundu blasted the US government in front of their ambassador on matters regarding human rights and terrorists attacks. He insinuated that NATO and especially the USA is the biggest abuser of human rights in the world for lying and invading a country (Iraq).

Saa zingine there is no need for diplomacy, you hit the nail on the head. US ambassador turned blue then red with anger as Kulundu pummeled his country nonstop.

Hii siku Kulundu alikuwa amevuta Bangi iliyokuwa na Aflatoxin.

Penda sana hii clip

I like abrasive people sio saa zote kubebeleza wazungu. RIP Kulundu!!

:D:D Newton Kulundu,
I always remember the brilliance of majority of Ministers in the 1st NARC government…

Huyo Newton was one under the radar bright fella hio sweep alikulisha wazito will never be forgotten

May he RIP. Boma yao na Boma yetu ni mashemeji.

The Lion of Lurambi Caned Ranneberger.
These mouthy wazungu should know their Place

Great. He newtoned their kulundu.

Rannerberger later internalised this, agreed, got saved and took action; he married a kenyan woman and settled in Kenya for life.

Ranneberger married Ruth Konchella, whom he met in 2006 upon his arrival in Kenya. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida, where he is a Professor at the University of South Florida, teaching courses involving Human Rights and Africa in World Affairs.

He also has a permanent home in Kenya, huko Gilgil.

Kulundu was my guy you guy

Kumbe wewe ni baruhya

after that CIA killed his political career. they fully financed his opponent , some cleaner at the US embassy .

Lurambi inakuwanga na cartoons for mps.the current one is equally a comic.

Between Nambacha & Navakholo centres ukitumia shortcut, sio ile ya Chebuyusi.

So you know akina Edu msumbufu?

Niliokoka jana, nikaambiwa nikubali JSKS. Fujo imeisha @ChifuMbitika