gachagu'a low IQ comments

He said, " Azimio were giving people ksh 1000 but we are hustlers, we were giving ksh 50 -100!" - admits to bribing voters

he said" dont vote for Moi, when we come to share resources, he won’t be in UDA" - says he will only share resources with UDA voters

Hehe… one things for sure, ata kama these guys run Kenya to the ground, we will go down laughing!

Chunga hiyo mdomo yako

Why would I find that amusing?

The “going down” part wont be amusing, but Gachagua’s utterences will be. This guy reminds me of Moi’s psychophants. Wait! He was a Moi Psychophant! :smiley:

Choices have consequences. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici


Low IQ moment.

The Moi family must be wiped off the Kenyan politics. Na si tafadhali. Gachagua is right.

Where did he say voters, it was a long speech. Toa mambo ya ceiling inspector hapa

I have already concluded, and rightly so, that Ruto’s presidency will not be a smooth sailing. Azimidiot politicians will heckle and throw stones at him mpaka siku ya mwisho. They don’t care whether it affects our national wellbeing or not!

its like being on the titanic… utalia, utaomba to no end. so its better to embrace the situation

if gachagua is low IQ, that means his spawn are even lower IQ… these monkey’s goal is to replace one dynasty with another and position their hatchlings in position of power… and you are here shaking your buttocks kama brain dead bonobo

RiggyG alisema if it wasn’t for Raila kuwapeleka court, wangekuwa wameshapunguza cost of maize flour


The blame games will not end anytime soon. I foresee a situation where everything will be blamed on Raila. I strongly advice the old man to quit politics for good and for good.

Rigathi is perhaps not as dumb as some assume.

The ability to nuance your messaging depending on the audience is one characteristic of smarts.

This was in full display during the deputy presidential debate where Rigathi took many naysayers by surprise with some even commenting that he won the debate.

Out on the campaign trail, he switches to the bare nuckle no holds barred loudspeaker mode of politics that most Kenyan politicians resort to when addressing mass rallies.

People need to differentiate between policy positions and ‘siasa’. Each has its place.

Umeffi two weeks from now he will be a normal citizen like any of us

By mutiny…yes that could work

Hio chokosh lazima itaje Moi.