Gachagua Blasted By Western Kenya Kwanza Politicians For His Tribal Bias. Saa Zote Kikuyu This, Kikuyu That

Mimi ni mkikuyu but huyu DP awache ufala.

But they are blasting him because they are luhyas, right?

Ni wewe ndio haujui ni nini anafanya
Its almost certainly tribal voter mathamtics being set up for 2027 election.

politicians are one tribe sisi wengine we are another…

Gachagwas downfall will be his rudderless tongue. I rem gado used to draw some guy who was baba Mois stoog (his long tongue widing around him)as always spewing upuzi… just like gachagua.

Sometimes unajiuliza kama ana akili ama kichwa ni debe empty…

Gachagua ako sawa. Only a ffew ngeay faggots in the pseudo middle class of Nairobi are offended. Wale hujifanya ati hawajui hadi kiswahili. Everyone else is happy

It is interesting that such a socially crude person can be such an astute money maker (whatever method he used)

Look at you people who think stealing is “making money”. You people deserve every last raw unlubed shagging meted on you by your politicians.

When a politician want poor ppl to be ready to fight lazima ataanza kuimba kabila yetu inamaliswa.
Peasants wako njaa wataenda vita while wakina Gachagua na Sakaja wako top hotel eating expensive meals and making deals.


hao western Kenya kwanza umbwa wajue Sakaja is a Kalenjin cow

I put a “tongue in cheek” qualifier to my comment. Wacha machungu bwana.

Me bitter over how some yellow-teeth clown chooses to shag his idiotic supporters? Are you okay in the head? :D:D:D

Nika half cast

Sir car jah is just but a herds boy lazma akumbushwe who is the owner of the cows and the cow shed

Mimi as mount Kenya pointman nilikuwa nimekataza watu wetu kuchagua sakaja