Gabon Army Tries To Pull A JaKuon

[SIZE=7][B]Gabon coup attempt: Government says situation under control[/B][/SIZE]

The political situation in Gabon is “under control” following an attempted military coup, a spokesman for the government has said.

All five of the rebels who tried to take charge have now been arrested by the authorities.

The junior officers claimed they seized power “to restore democracy” in oil-rich Gabon, where the ailing leader’s family has ruled for 50 years.

Tanks and armoured vehicles could be seen in the capital Libreville.

One of the rebels was on the run for a brief period, before being found hiding under a bed, [B]reports Radio France Internationale.[/B]

“The situation is calm. The gendarmes who are often stationed there have taken control of the entire area around the radio and TV headquarters, so everything is back to normal”, said Guy-Bertrand Mapangou. a government spokesman.

Mr Mapangou said that the army generals, civil society and opposition leaders mentioned in the rebels’ statement as potential supporters would be investigated.

Current leader Ali Bongo succeeded his father Omar Bongo as president in 2009. He narrowly won re-election in 2016 in a poll marred by violence and accusations of fraud.

[SIZE=6]What happened this morning?[/SIZE]

The five soldiers took control of the national radio station at 04:30 local time (03:30 GMT) to read a short statement announcing a “National Restoration Council”.

In a video circulating on social media, three young soldiers can be seen in a radio studio wearing military fatigues and holding guns.

[li]How can you tell a coup is happening?[/li][/ul]
Lt Kelly Ondo Obiang, who said he represented a group called the Patriotic Movement of the Defence and Security Forces of Gabon, specifically appealed to young people to “take charge of their destiny”.
Soldiers announced they had seized power on state television

The insurgents called on soldiers to take control of the transport system, ammunition reserves and airports “in the interests of the nation”.

The BBC’s Firmain Eric Mbadinga said the coup attempt came as a huge surprise. The army has always been seen as loyal to the Bongo family, he said, because it is dominated by the presidential guard, who mostly come from Mr Bongo’s home region.

Most of the capital remains calm, an eyewitness told the Reuters news agency. The French government and the African Union condemned the attempted coup.

Kikikikikikikikikikiki!! Ochuka, Akumu and Odundo’s 10 munute revolution. Ati jamaa was pulled out from under a bed?

Africans are very unimaginative.
Even today in 2019, they think taking over a TV/radio station is enough to guarantee a successful coup?

I would be curious to know which station would be raided in Kenya in case of a coup. Raiding KBC would give them an audience of around 8 people.