Gaaaaaaays everywhere

Admin Kenya talk has gone to the dogs faggots and gays , uli ban kuosha macho and let out baskets and baskets of faggots and gays , two posts can not end without apost mentioning faggots and gays .


Why are you guys so threatened by gays?



Ni pesa the gay community walipewa na Obama sasa wanarusha threads watu wazoeee . admin ahsapewa yake ya macho akuwe lenient with gay threads . but tunasema homosaitan washindwe

I used to come here mostly to safisha mecho, now i read alot more, atleast i can spend more time in the business,vitu genero genero and news. Not sure if im too happy with that.


It is all about inclusivity kama tunaeza tolerate such crap

it is only fair you guys also tolerate our perspective

Umbwa ghassia takataka

New villager mbwa

Mimi nimeblock hizo nugu zote. So if I see “show ignored content” I know it is either a homo or those catfish handles. And the list is so long and keeps growing. I would rather read Makena’s threads.

had to do that:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

There’s money to be made?

kwani you were a homosexual just for volunteering work?


I’m responsible for what I say, not what you understand bruh

Endeni mkatombanie matako hukooooo hatuwataki hapa how does agrown ass man just insert his man hood in another man’s anus , penye kinyesi inapitia what if the guy shits on ur dick , it does not make sense at all at all .

Gays have taken over ktalk. Especially this one called @rainbowreigns and @Slave 0wner .