G.ay agenda is coming for your children

  1. Other people’s children are none of their (and your) business.
  2. That they ‘are coming for your children’ has a paedophillic nuance to it.
  3. ‘Learn not to hate’ is euphemism for 'love (like) them.

They are many. You will know them by their posts

Stop mixing the push for LGBT rights with that of pedophilia, beastiality, sodomy etc. Those others we do not condone. Why? Because pedophilia is not between two consenting adults; you are actually perverting and violating a young soul who hasn’t reached an age of consenting to mnyanduano with you. Same case with beastiality. A goat or cow doesn’t have the intellect and free will to get into coitus with you so you are similarly violating it and should be punished. No rights should ever be granted to pedophilia and beastiality, for this simple consent issue. Sodomy is forced sexual contact, hence no consent there and punishable by the law.

We are fighting for LGBT rights because it is love between two consenting adults. Homosexuality is just like left-handedness or colour blindness. It is a trait found in a minority of the population and doesn’t make them inferior nor disabled in any way. Unlike these other traits, it gets the shtick it does due to a myriad of political, social, cultural and especially religious issues and this is why there is now a spirited push from various quarters to right so many historical wrongs that hitherto look so barbarous and uncouth.

True that. Euphoria tupu that has trickled and reached here without understanding the undertones.

You really have funny threads

@Smith_ why are you so defensive?
Do you know something that we don’t.


You are trying to “twist” the interpretation to fit into your very narrow viewpoint and mindset. The clip should be taken as a whole and not just the part you want to hear, ati “…we are coming for your kids,” and the nuance you deliberately want to have. For the record, children are part and parcel of the society, they form the future generation(s) and the impression(s) you impart today (whether love of hate, equality or inequality) will determine the future we will have tomorrow.

Uwesmake is this how kimakia kiss you every time you meet?

Ulinipata hapa. Check your member number, vis-à-vis mine. It’s you who doesn’t know a couple of things.

Kids can and will figure out their sexuality the old fashioned way. They don’t need someone in their classroom going "Do you feel strange little uwesmake? Why don’t you try sucking a dick and see if you like it?

FOCUS nigga! I don’t know which clip/ material you are referring to but the one being discussed here is clearly about “love equality.” I didn’t see “sex education” being discussed anywhere.

Quoting me word for word. I’m so flattered!

@Smith_ I have no qualms about your viewpoint on LGBTQ ideas but the issue that makes me sick with you fuckerz is that you want to rub your orientations on our faces.
Why would you teach kids things that are beyond them? Why are guys pushing so hard to make a point? Because you know its unnatural, just like bestiality et cetra

Because it is a historical injustice. Wrongs are now being righted.

Children were also taught that racism, slavery, colonialism and misogyny (as examples of former societal injustices) were very wrong and major strides have been made there. Those are the same strides we are pushing for when it comes to love equality.

And what do you mean ati “…you know it’s unnatural?” No, I don’t know anything about it being “unnatural.” I have not been conditioned by the general society and religion. The LGBT community are as normal and natural as they come!

In that homosexual relationship of yours nani hubeba mimba sasa?
Dont even justify going to borrow ovums

The west popularity and influence is declining very fast so they want to go down with us. I better be a slave to the chinese than to be a witness of my generations doing abomination.

They diluted our culture - Marriage, gender responsibilities, communal lifestyle, religion e.t.c. then left us disintegrated and confused.
They stole our wealth, killed our forefathers, raped our women, forced labour, made us their slaves e.t.c and now this?. No way!.

Our civilized African mind set will NEVER allow it to see the light. Even domestic animals and wildlife will be embarrassed on our moral decay. The way bodaboda thieves are mercilessly beaten and lynched but not reported is the same way those NGO’s and individuals supporting the vice will be handled. Hakuna ku reason hapa, ni kutumia kifua bila kuhusisha serikali.

Counterattack is very active where i come from, others follow suit. Ni kukaza kamba tu.

They diluted our culture - Marriage, gender responsibilities, communal lifestyle, religion e.t.c.

purpose of lgbtq ina nutshell

You don’t need “kubeba mimba” for a gay union to be complete. If you weren’t so closeminded, you’d note that gay men do have a number of ways of getting biological children. I don’t even need to list them for you!