G.ay agenda is coming for your children

They openly admit it. The San Francisco gay men’s choir literally sings “we’re coming for your children” in new music video.



Found this crap on my daughter’s “recomended videos”,there was no filtering when i dowloaded the youtube kids app since its ‘kids’.nimeswitch to offline videos,i download on guardian account then i send to her [ATTACH=full]373676[/ATTACH]

You will be playing cat and mouse, in a losing battle. Its everywhere. Tv, school, social media,…

The fcuk is this now?? Utterly abhorrent !
At some point these people will normalize Paedophilia and sodomy, and watch this space!

Habari @Purple i missed you soo much

Niaje papoh
nirushie 50 greenbacks niko mbaya siz

wachana na nugu ya luthuli @Starscream
na utupe ngamia @poyoloko siberia huko ipambane na snow polepole bila kusumbua kijiji

Weh! The big tech is pushing it

Hehe…the best thing you can do as a father is to have a talk about it with her. You cannot raise your baby in a bubble forever. Teach her before her classmates tell her their own twisted version of LGBTQIA.

Hehe. Hii ngeiy agenda is precisely why I stopped watching movies n tv shows.

They got the man out of the house. Now it’s open season on the kids. The mother will go along with the programming bc she’ll be convinced via herd mentality
Thank God the collapse of the evil degenerate empire is imminent

Generally, people should be more worried by non-gay nyeuthis in .ke talking up the g*y thing because its cool from the west.

It’s already here with us. Even on ktalk there are a dozen faggots ready to violate you incase you are not careful

Watu wa statehouse kenya wali invite mashoga wa sauti sol kuja kuentertain Obama ile siku alikuwa kenya.

Kwani Sauti Soul wote ni faggots?

We need a third world war to get rid of all lgbtqia scum.

Worry not the United States of Homosexuals will fall soon. Just like Sodom and Gomorrah

Stop misconstruing! They are clearly singing, “We’re coming for your children, to teach them equality and to learn not to hate!”

Do those men have a right to live? When you become a threat to kids you immediately forfeit your right to live.

Who are the faggets?
Name and shame them

What shame, exactly?