Hakunanga shit kama healthy relationship,lazima ikudrain in one way or another

Life is what you make of it kijana. Get your shit together first and you’ll always have options.

mostly due to ignoring red flags…but since the basis of most relationships in this part of the world is flesh, then why should it not drain you

Hekaya ikuje Fasta fasta

Komaa,oa bibi…not kunguru ya campo,nunua ka kiti na ottoman yake,beverage of your choice on the side,wekelea miguu,soma ngaseti or watch teefee while watching niglets beat each other to shïts,then come back here.

You are one bitter (and ugly) ma phucker

Suppress your integrated embicility. Uko na esteem brief sana guogni

Black Jew

Aiii Kaka hakuna kitu kama hio… When dating the wrong person ndio utaskia kuna kakitu sio right. Been there…ulisa Mimi Siri nikuelese…

Put your marriage in the Lord and everything will be okay