Future of MT.Kenya campaigns/politics

For most parts of my life, all mt.Kenya and most of rift valley politicians have been getting to August house by Taunting babas name, no agenda nor memoranda

Kalenjinga and most of rift valley politicians are the same, from fighting baba to fighting Kikuyus(lands)

I am waiting for the future

Same way baba lacks agenda and sneaks in to other peoples governments by kung`oa reli, half baked bread, with half carpets.

Mt Kenya is always hired, not bought.

UK to take up a prominent role as spokesman of the mountain. This is despite the mountain “Punishing him” by voting against his preferred candidate. He is the only prominent politician left from the region and has the financial muscle to back himself against anyone in the republic. The new bourgeoisie politicians emerging from the region will obviously try an oppose him but will fail. Wazee from Mt.Kenya Foundation will also back UK. The Mt.Kenya-UK allegiance will galvanise their hold on the region by fronting a candidate for the top seat (either as President or Deputy) in 2027 who will most likely lose but will serve as a pilot project in assessing WSR popularity in the region then. Expect a new political party from the region to emerge.

DO will be used by WSR as a link between himself and the mountain for the first five years. This relationship will however quickly break down once WSR realizes how deeply unpopular the man is in the region. WSR to possibly shop around for a new candidate come 2027? Who knows?

Communities from the Eastern side of the mountain will also demand a bigger seat at the table from now henceforth. They have stood with their majority cousins for long without reciprocal backing. Prof. Kindiki , the younger, might be a dark horse in this race. I would definitely keep an eye out on him despite him not being vocal or extremely popular, he is a safe pair of hands with a brilliant mind.

With the economic might that the region holds coupled with an immense amount of votes, whomever can charm it’s gatekeepers (UK et al) stands a good chance at the presidency. A lot of cunning a politician from the region will come forth attempting to broker the votes but as long as UK is around, he will be the defacto leader of the region. Don’t believe the current UDA hype. The mountain follows prosperity.

Generalizations noma…nyeri county constitutencies have never voted for an MP twice! Wote huwa one-term . Even Rigathi was a first timer .Nyeri they are wierd like that . Place like Tetu even wangari mathai was a one timer. Apantambua hata Nobel prize