Future of business activities post Covid-19

Many things are going to change after Covid-19 is gone in the near future. Entrepreneurial activities will not be spared this change. Some will take a bad hit while some may change for better. The following business activities may be adversely affected by the scourge:

  1. Motor vehicle servicing and spare parts. This subsector will be badly affected since the economic power of many will go down and less money will be available for servicing motor vehicles especially private cars.
  2. Entertainment and alcohol selling joints. For the same reason as above.
  3. New clothes and shoes businesses. The little cash available may only cater for food and emergencies. Thus, buying clothes may be put off to rare occasions.
  4. Private schools. Many peopleople may not afford to take their kids to private academies. They will shift them to public schools.
  5. Building and construction industry- Less money will be available for putting up new buildings. Due to economic dive.
  6. Tours and travels.
    **However some of these businesses will or might experience better fortunes:
  7. Food selling businesses- people will value good nutrition and keeping healthy more after the near-apocalyptic experience.
  8. Medical services and supplies. Many will appreciate the need to check on their health during this period. More will go for basic tests and basic OTC meds in future.

Vitu zitarudi normal in August

Many new businesses and industries will come up.
The leather and textile industries may finally get the full government backing they have been lacking and revive.

There will be a new world order with new careers and opportunities coming up.
Chinese imports will dip.

NWO is inevitable. China has also been affected and the rate of importation may not be that high.

That will be a plus for us as a country

Don’t think so. Things might drag for quite sometime