I request to see the cat, and she responded, that she have a FUPA. So i googled what It was, and here i am.

[SIZE=6]What does FUPA mean?[/SIZE]
FUPA is an acronym for Fat Upper Pelvic (or Pubic) Area, and it is slang for fat in the lower abdomen area, the result of either the medical condition panniculus, or just a pronounced lower belly.
There is also a cryptocurrency called FupaCoin.


Hio Ni Kitambi ya busaaa hakuna kitu Kama fupa ghassia

have your fupa and bon appetit!

In greek its called Kibushi

Wapi @Mrs Shosho atuonyeshe yake ya fobe na nyama?

Whenever I think of that British Okuyu lady this is what comes to mind. Ongezea wig na stick legs. Picture complete.

Lakini inakuwaga noma kwa missionary ni kama ki water bed. Ama airbag ya gari.

Fupa = mafuta

@Bingwa Scrotum got FUPA!

And you wish me otherwise so that I would be sexually appealing to you?

Dude, I am not the reason you wasted your life in a Thika road university

Kwanza ukienda airport utashikwa na kicheko, they like big jumpers, with wide shapeless sports shoes as if they were jogging inside the plane, I don’t know what these women feed on when they go to Europe

Do mifupaspectives have FUPA’S?

@nainaempire got fupacoin

Haha. @Intro Vert no portfolio on that.