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“A Mudavadi-Kalonzo ticket will not give the Kikuyu and the Kalenjin the motivation to vote in large numbers. And if you have Raila as the presidential candidate, even dead voters will rise to vote,” said political analyst Philip Chebunet.
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Raila Amollo Odinga is a polarizing candidate, same case as was with one Kenneth Matiba.
Matiba candidacy created lots of uncertainty to the Kalenjin nation, same way Amollo creates in the Kikuyu nation.
It’s hard for we Kenyans to practice Mature politics with such people around. We need more of the likes of Mwai wa Kibaki, Kijana wamalwa, Mudavadi , Mwaboza na akina Mutahi Kagwe.
Cool headed people. Amollo like J.J. kama though should be in the background, formulating Govt propaganda.


the only thing i know for sure

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It’s amazing to witness the level standard is willing to sink in its biased quest against government. Overhyping any none news on gideon moi as headlines, issac rutto with his village party and now campaign to have the perennial political loser madvd as head of the imaginary coalition called naswa.


Ndugu, Gideon owns that rag the way Trump owns his towers. If he tells them headline with Gideon being crowned King of Rift Valley, it will happen.

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Sad state of politics in Kenya. It is a disadvantage if you are principled. This is making it impossible for credible patriots to gain any traction. It is probably impossible in the current climate for a Kibaki type to emerge.
No we have to chose between various versions of KANU monsters (Ruto, Mudavadi, Kalonzo etc) and dynastic tribal gods (Raila, Uhuru).