Funny how Kenyan ladies are embracing being an Ashawo

Skuizi kuna content creators who are whores giving women tips on being whores! Funny how invested ladies are pale comments trying to get more tips. Nani ameenda those high end brothels kama club Gemini, with Yahoo boys splashing cash. Nipe experience yako.

Deep strokes tutakufinya makenda na pliers, upuzi za tiktok unawacha na huko kwenye umetoka

Si upuzi bro, hao ni full blown lanyes, openly showing women how to do it.

Didn’t see anything from the link… what are u saying?

@Douchebag confirmed @PHARMACY huuza mkundu 50 bob mlolongo . he fuckked him

The moment they will capture you for raping that school kid , I swear I will be state witness . I will come there armed with screenshots of that sick thread as you bragged about sleeping with a minor to appease ktalk fools . I will personally supervise you being jailed at kamiti maximum prison .
It’s against the law to impregnate or even penetrate a school kid.

@Enhe huna info hapa?

Almost the entire young female population has become a generation of sharks and golddiggers …

And Social Media is being utilized to accentuate the phenomenon…

There is no more shame in that game …:(:rolleyes:

Wenye wataoa hii generation bana are in deep shit hizi nyangau don’t care na wanagawa kugawa hata uitishi mara mbili.

Acha wauze kuma for material things. Age itacatch up waanze kutafuta hao long-term men tena but itabidi asettle na lower than what she wanted. Ubaya ya madem they never learn from other women’s mistakes. It’s a tale as old as time. Almost Kila pornstar, OnlyFans model, sugar baby anaregret. But women like to take the few success stories ka Amber Ray and think the exception is the rule

It is the Juveniles in here who need to style up …

Deny these slay queens access to your bank accounts …:D:D