fungua boot

Yesterday after nimetoka job nliona nipitie pale @Tribeka for a drink niende home. In the middle of my drink some lady came and sat beside me and being witty I talked to her and she talked back. Before long we were talking as if we knew each other for a long period. 2hours later we were in my house, fucking like horny rabbits. Damn she had an appetite for the dick. Hao ni wale madame ukianza kumnyandua inabaki ume maintain iyo tempo. One thing though she suggested I do was to fuck her in the ass. She was like “btw unaeza nifungua boot”, I was kinda shocked for her to suggest that. Coz i know most men are the ones who suggest that. I was hesitant to do it, i find it disgusting and weird. I just can’t and couldn’t do it. I feel dirty if I put my dick in there. I didn’t do it and I brought up an excuse to it. It seems she likes it that way. Nikama amefunguliwa boot mara kadhaa coz you cant say we try something you havent done before. She is the 4th lady I have met who wanted to be fucked in the ass. I have never fucked any girl in the ass and can’t do it even she requests it.

Guys what do you think about it?? Can I go ahead and try it?? Ushaifunguana boot? Hekaya zikam pia

Pink handles can you allow a man akufungue boot?? Ushaifunguliwa boot?

kama aliuliza mwenyewe hapo lazima amefunguliwa mara kadhaa.nimewahi fungua kunguru boot.mara moja tu but it was …hell. never again.sitawahi tena.i learned my lesson.wueh

Zii, ndio nitoke na skuma ya jana

Leta hekaya @culture :smiley:

mtu wangu ile harufu nilisikia .walai sikukula siku mbili. sitawahi jaribu hio kitu tena:D.wacha niandike hekaya

Would never do that, you did a good thing, kukataa kula meffi. Met a few girls who in the course of talking would say even the sewer line is game, but told them it’s an abomination in my culture.

Leta hekaya .:smiley:

hiyo ya “boot” hapana, mara kwa mara nasema hi generation ya ku copy western culture ovyo ovyo ndiyo naleta hii maneno haieleweki…

your name answers your question sir, say it with me st…

kwa nyeni issa NO…never tried never will

Na stinger si unapatananga na offer nyingi za boot. Juzi Ilikua ule muislamu sasa huyu tena?

Mimi nimeachia hapo. Nyinyi endeleeni. Lakini utumalizie story ya Bernice.

Amina nilimuelewa coz you know her religion asserts that she has to be virgin on her wedding night. She must do all she can to protect it.

Waislamu wengi madame hudfanyanga ivo

kufungua boot in porn and in reality ni today to sana. enda xvideos uone venye Ile kinyesi hutoka na msedez utashangaa

This is 2017 not 1992

Anal Secks is widely accepted

Its a different experience

Just that

An absolute NO NO NO… Ukiweza nyandua boot ya mwanamke what’s to stop you from nyanduaring ya mwanaume? Just don’t start that shit.

To a pokoste, every potential customer is witty!

Closet zina bomolewa left, right, centre…


tight and hot like lava, deal breaker is the meffi. #not exciting