funeral booty twerk

which talker might have such a funeral ?

Hehee… Hizi send off jameni

Ma hoe was @Mwaniks789 . These two were his favorite at the titties bar

i thought funerals were sacred…nini ilifanyika

huu ni uchawi

black americans ni mafwi in my eyes

Hii ndio disco matanga?

The kind of stuff to make a dead man start living

…maybe that’s what mwenda zake wished for.

There is no recorded history of the sanctity of a funeral. Even in the bible. Hata kanisa ni kiherehere tuu wanakuwanga nayo. There is nowhere in the bible where the church’s competence in disposing of dead bodies is recorded.

Shoga anaongelea Mazoea ya kuchokora :meffi:

3/10. Should have opened the casket and twerked directly above the face of the deceased.

Cult member

Naona tulikuwa tunaenda Yellowstone pamoja

This is mzansi at the funeral of some male dancer/ stripper who is suspected to have been shot dead by a jealous husband to one of the females he usually entertains

Millennials didn’t have protected sex

Come to think of it, no difference from the way we conduct ours, considering our disco matangas.

I wonder why the Church has to carry out rites on dead bodies… what supports this in the Scriptures? It is simply nonsensical for the Church to pretend to have any role in the disposal of bodies… may be consoling the ones left behind… In fact it feels like they are desecrating the “Holy” places by taking the bodies there for a useless funeral service!

Not surprising for someone named Mdudu

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