Fundis wa Monitor

Monitor yangu ilipigwa na radi display board ikachomeka. It now just blinks bright white when connected to power. My repair guy told me the power supply is okay but its board is overheating. He advised me to look for a new replacement board. Shida ni huku penye niko haipatikani.

Model: [SIZE=4]HP EliteDisplay E231 23"[ATTACH=full]220176[/ATTACH][/SIZE]

The board itself almost resembles the one below. Any local links will be appreciated before I contemplate going online.


tafuta ebay ama amazon if its worth saving(probably not). Its 24 inches and 1920 by 1080 which is not alot. Ingekuwa UHD it would be worth saving.

I really appreciate for your advice. Even my repair guy advised me that it is better if I buy a new one. Although I saw Amazon and eBay offering favourable prices blut their shipping costs were so challenging.

Chief , freight will be USD 15 .Kentex watakusaidia .I was in a similar dilemma but it was a Lenovo yoga motherboard and I got it from Lithuania.

Thanks master @zapp_brannigan. I wanted somebody to motivate me on this route and you have done so. This is the path I am going to take. Thank you very much.