Fun And Simplest Way To Explain Social Media To Someone Who Doesn't Get It

Memorize this analogy and look clever among your friends

Twitter-I’m drinking coffee

Twitter is for telling people what you are doing at any given moment

Also it only has 280 characters, so when posting your message needs to be clear, concise and straight to the point.

Facebook- I like coffee

Facebook is more for sharing what you like in general.

You can be more descriptive and longer-winded on Facebook

Instagram-Here’s a photo of my coffee

Instagram is a platform where users share their experience through photography. It allows anyone to be a photographer

Youtube-Here is a video of me drinking coffee

Youtube is the biggest video-sharing platform.

If you have videos you want to share, this is your go-to platform

LinkedIn- My skills include coffee drinking

LinkedIn is for sharing what you’re good at

Linkedin has become a facebook and Facebook is the mother of all these social media disorders.

welcome back makena

[SIZE=7]Kenyatalk[/SIZE]-i own a coffee processing plant…i also own a 10 thousand acre coffee plantation and a freight of trucks to help in distribution…oh and i hold 51% shares at the KPCU and am also an executive member of the coffee board…

Kenyatalk,: checki lunch ya mzito
Okiya inserts omena picture

It now makes sense

:D:D:Dsi yeye…hakuna 23 pages ya word na 14 youtube videos…

But do I say?