Fully vaxxed and double boosted Biden has Covid-19


On top of dementia and cancer… Eh he has suffered

Anyway his biggest concern is probably that he can’t sniff women and girls for a few weeks [ATTACH=full]452333[/ATTACH]

It is in the interests of world peace that he completes the COVID journey like Magufuli

The man has been around the block, at 80 he should be at the beach not worrying about Putin and black lives! Vanity of vanities…

it’s by design not default .Globalists need such a puppet to execute their agenda.

Akufe kamala Harris akuwe president…with a gei and/ Jew vp . Soddom will be complete

Do people understand how vaccines work really?


Tuelimishe gathee.

Kwani Tomba Yeye ni doktari?

Eh, niko na doctorate in barbering

You still push korona nonsense?

They have now brought bonobo pox…