Tunajua unanukisha kitunguu na adverts lakini zikiwa fullscreen zinakua obtrusive excess.
Find a way ya kubalance kitunguu yako na experience yetu

It’s so irritating!!:mad::mad:

Nimetoka kuuliza in another thread the same thing saa hii tu. Expecting video ads now. Skip after 5 seconds kama YouTube.

Kwani watu huwa wamezubaa aje? Weka Adblock Plus ama ubadilishe browser:


We are trying to promote and support Ktalk, In the old Ktalk UI, i never Used an adblocker and browsing was fine

I promote Ktalk by writing articles, providing graphic content and crosslinking to where new members can be found. I’d never click random ads no matter how insistently they flash.

Dude you’ve got 90 tabs open on chrome? You’re really squeezing every once of juice on that Xiaomi…hehe
And yes…these ads are fucking annoying. Not to mention the lack of a proper all threads button:mad:


yaani every time Ni pop up tu.[ATTACH=full]161271[/ATTACH]

It’s not about the browser. Ni ujinga imecome na new upgrade

Ujinga is in the DNA of Ktalk. I was only offering a way to save data usage by limiting the hopeless, repetitive ads.

So which browser are you suggesting?

Soma hapo juu.

A fix is cooking.
Tulia kiasi and we will tame the new version.
Apologies for that

How fuck do you have 90tabs open?

Regardless, these guys have a way to go round the system. We are being targeted.

Ads kila mahali mbaka katikati ya threads

It’s being fixed


ata all threads mlisema its beingfixed since jana

Xiaomi Hoyee!! :smiley: